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Prof. Jacqueline Bair

Prof. Jacqueline Bair, Instructor - Chemistry

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 205G

B.A. SUNY New Paltz
M.A. SUNY New Paltz

Professor Bair is a native of the region and has teaching experience from SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Columbia-Greene teaching chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Professor Bair believes that all students can gain valuable knowledge from her courses, and she sees the humanity in each student. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, watching Star Trek, being creative, and doing karate.

Classes Taught:

  • CHM 101 - General Chemistry I
  • CHM 102 - General Chemistry II

Dr. Megumi Kinoshita

Dr. Megumi Kinoshita, Professor - Physics/Engineering

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 205E

B.A. Rutgers University
M.A. Rutgers University
M.A. Stony Brook University
Ph.D. Stony Brook University

Dr. Dustin McCall

Dr. Dustin McCall, Assistant Professor - Chemistry

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 205H

B.S. - Chemistry - SUNY Oneonta
Ph.D. - Analytical Chemistry - University at Buffalo

Dr. McCall comes to SUNY Orange from the Central New York region where he lectured at SUNY Cortland and Syracuse University. Dr. McCall is an analytical chemist with research experience in designing optical sensors for multianalyte detection and novel materials characterization. He enjoys exploring the hiking trails in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains region in his spare time. 

Classes Taught:

  • CHM 100 - Introduction to Chemistry
  • CHM 101 - General Chemistry I
  • CHM 102 - General Chemistry II
  • CHM 200 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  • CHM 201 - Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM 202 - Organic Chemistry II

Prof. Charles Passarotti

Prof. Charles Passarotti, Assistant Professor - Architecture

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 304

A.A.S. SUNY Orange
B.Arch. New York Institute of Technology
NYS Licensed Architect

Prof. Pamela Rice-Woytowick

Prof. Pamela Rice-Woytowick, Associate Professor - Architecture

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 304

B.A. New York Institute of Technology
M.S. Kansas State University
SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Ms. Donna Sanders

Donna Sanders, Senior Secretary

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 205

Dr. John Wolbeck, Chair

Dr. John Wolbeck, Professor and Chair - Physics/ Engineering

Dr. John Wolbeck

Office - Rowley Center for Science & Engineering Room 205D

A.S. SUNY Orange
B.S. University at Buffalo
M.S. Manhattan College
Ph.D. City University of New York

NYS Licensed Professional Engineer
SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Recipient of the 2012 International Gerbier-Mumm Award given by the W.M.O., an agency of the United Nations.
  • Recipient of SUNY Orange Presidents Award for Teaching Excellence (2011).
  • Historic Preservation Award, 1993, Allentown Historical Society, Buffalo, N.Y.

Work history: 

N.Y. City Filtration Pilot Study for Drinking Water Safety; N.Y. S. Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water; Automotive Industry; Construction Industry.Began teaching Astronomy, Engineering and Physics at SUNY Orange in 1993.

Professor Emeritus

  • Prof. Demir Barker - Chemistry
  • Dr. John Cummins - Science and Engineering
  • Prof. David Davies - Science and Engineering
  • Prof. Richard Feinberg - Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Timothy MacMahon - Chemistry
  • Prof. Cynthia MacMahon - Chemistry
  • Prof. Lawrence O'Brien - Geology
  • Prof. Konrad VonAppen - Architectural Technology

Adjunct Faculty

  • Prof. Susan Arduino, Instructor - Chemistry
  • Prof. Thomas Blon, Instructor - Astonomy
  • Dr. Margaret Brewer-LaPorta, Instructor - Geology
  • Prof. Andrew Cook, Instructor - Chemistry
  • Prof. Scot Freestone, Instructor - Architecture
  • Prof. Janet Haas-Broda, Assistant Professor - Chemistry
  • Prof. Timothy Higgins, Instructor - Chemistry
  • Dr. William Istone, Professor - Astronomy/Chemistry
  • Prof. Dori Johnson, Instructor - Geology
  • Prof. Charles Kocsis, Assistant Professor - Chemistry/Physics
  • Prof. Gregory MacLeod, Instructor - Engineering/Physics
  • Prof. Stacey Moegenburg, Professor - Architecture
  • Prof. James Santos, Instructor - Chemistry
  • Prof. Anthony Soricelli, Assistant Professor - Geology/Physics
  • Dr. Christopher Spring, Instructor - Engineering/Physics
  • Dr. Ashley Ten Eyck, Instructor - Chemistry
  • Prof. Shirley Thompson, Assistant Professor - Chemistry
  • Prof. Andrew Warren, Instructor - Architecture

Our Pledge

  • Caring environment
  • Highly experienced professors
  • Small classes
  • Closely knit student community
  • Easy access to help
  • Quality lectures and quality education
  • Scheduling personalized for each individual