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A.S. Degree in Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Natural Science

Program Description

The Associate in Science degree program in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a Mathematics and Science emphasis is designed specifically for students to transfer, with junior status, to the appropriate upper-level college or university of their choice, where they can complete the B.S./B.A. degree in their chosen field of study. As such, the program provides core courses and general education requirements that would be included in the first two years of study at four-year institutions.

This degree gives mathematics/ science students the flexibility to match a program to their individual goals, backgrounds and talents. The various curricula provide the opportunity to pursue a variety of academic and career interests in mathematics and in the natural/physical sciences. The course distribution in mathematics and science is designed to provide a solid foundation in the basics of natural and physical sciences/mathematics: future advanced coursework will build on this foundation. The general education elective credits round out the curriculum in this degree program.

Students should consult the appropriate department chairperson and faculty for specific advice about pursuing a particular discipline within this area. Only such consultation will guarantee the correct level of course choice and rigor required to match the student’s transfer plans as they work toward a bachelor’s degree.