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Liberal Arts: Humanities & Social Science Degree

PHOTO: From the production of Students who are interested in majoring in communication, journalism, public relations, theater, television production or radio production are encouraged to learn more about SUNY Orange's Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science degree because it will prepare you for transfer to a four-year college or university as you pursue your bachelor's degree.

Why Communication at SUNY Orange?

Communication is at the foundation of nearly every career, whether you desire to become a healthcare professional, business leader, television reporter or teacher. SUNY Orange's outstanding faculty members will help you develop your verbal communication skills in a variety of ways, and you will expand your written communication abilities through the College's challenging English curriculum.

Why Radio/Television Production at SUNY Orange?

The radio and television courses at SUNY Orange introduce you to the basics of both mediums, from how to craft a radio commercial to the best way to frame your subjects in a video shoot. You will also learn advanced techniques, have opportunities for hands-on projects in the College's television studio and on Colt Rock (College radio station), and establish a well-rounded portfolio that will put you in position to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Why Theater at SUNY Orange?

Through coursework and participation in the Apprentice Players, the College's theater performance group, you will learn all aspects of artistic expression on stage and develop a full understanding of theater production. A wide range of electives within the Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences degree will allow you to truly craft your curriculum to suit your goals.

Program Description

Upon completion of their degree, students will be able to:

  • Develop a foundation of essential knowledge about the cultural, social and natural works, and individual well-being.
  • Understand the commonalities and diversity of the human experience, values and opinions.
  • Understand the forms of artistic expression and their inherent creative processes.
  • Think critically, apply systematic reasoning and develop information management quantitative skills
  • communicate effectively.
  • Be prepared to transfer to, and succeed at, an upper-level institution.
Career Opportunities  
communication public relations
education radio/television
acting theater production