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Career Assessment/Career Guidance

Not sure what major to pursue or what career to choose?  Visit the Office of Career and Internship Services and let us help you narrow your choices and focus your attention on a select number of career possibilities.

We will help you explore the key factors that impact the career decision making process:

  • Skills and Abilities
  • Personal Values
  • Location
  • Education and Training
  • Employer Match
  • Interests
  • Earning Considerations
  • Level of Responsibility
  • Work Setting


Find Out Which Career Suits You

Take our FOCUS career assessment and discover what careers match your interests, your skills and abilities, as well as your personality.  Explore different careers and learn the responsibilities and tasks associated with a given career, the earning potential, professional development and growth opportunities.  Please call 845-341-4444 to schedule an appointment.

Another assessment tool, Please Understand Me, takes a look at personality types and the characteristics associated with those types, and identifies the kind of work that may be best suited to those personality traits.  Please call 845-341-4444 to schedule an appointment.

Career Coach, a free on-line tool, is available to help determine the best career and major for you.  See what degree is required for a specific career and access real-time, current information about open positions and average salaries locally and regionally.  Visit Career Coach today to get started..

What Can I Do with This Major?  Whether you're exploring majors or searching for information about your chosen field, this website will help you connect majors to careers.  Learn about typical career areas and types of employers that hire people with each major, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.  Visit the WhatCanIDoWithThisMajor.com website to get started.

*FOCUS is hosted by Career Dimensions, Inc.