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#CampusClear Self-Screening App

#CampusClear App No Longer Required

As of July 6, 2021, students, employees and visitors are NO LONGER REQUIRED to use the #CampusClear self-screening app prior to accessing one of the College's campuses.

To facilitate the safest possible environemnt for teaching, learning and working on our campuses, SUNY Orange will use the #CampusClear app for self-monitoring by all students, employees and essential visitors who will have reason to physically access either of the College’s campuses while COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are in place.

What is #CampusClear and Why are we using it?

#CampusClear is an easy-to-use app (also with a web interface) that will allow for daily self-reporting of temperature, symptoms, or virus exposure risks by students, employees and essential visitors. Users will respond to basic questions listed in the app and will receive a “Good to Go” or “Not Cleared” response (explained below).

How does #CampusClear work?

#CampusClear is a downloadable app you install on your smartphone or device. It can also be used on the web for users who may not have a smart device. #CampusClear prompts you to think about a single question, "How are you feeling today?"

Any day that you are to report to campus for class, work or other business, all you need is about 10 seconds to self-screen with #CampusClear. The app uses data encryption to assure your privacy.  

Download and Setup

Search for #CampusClear (by Ivy.ai) on the Apple Store, Google Play or via a web Interface.

iOS Apple Store   !   Android Google Play   !   Web Interface Access

Download and install the app. Choose your role at SUNY Orange (student, employee or visitor), and validate your @sunyorange.edu email address.  

For step-by-step instructions (PDF) click here: SUNYOrange CampusClear How To

Using the #CampusClear App

Only students, faculty and staff scheduled to physically be on campus need to use the #CampusClear app. You do not need to use the app if you are working or attending class remotely. You will be required to complete this process every day you are scheduled to physically be on campus. All information submitted will remain confidential.

Keep in mind that both campuses are closed to the general public. However, in the event that someone other than a student or employee is required to access one of our campuses, those essential visitors will also be expected to use the app.

“Good to Go” or “Not Cleared”

Once you submit your answers, the app will display a status screen that provides either a clearance (“Good to Go!”) or denial (“Not Cleared for Campus Access!”) for the day. If you are cleared to come to campus, you should be prepared to either show your app "Good to Go" screen, an email, or a printed copy from the web interface if asked.

  • Faculty and staff who are not cleared to come to campus should contact their supervisor and Human Resources.
  • Students who are not cleared to come to campus should contact their professors and Wellness Center.
  • Essential visitors who are not cleared to access campus should not come.

Anyone who receives a "Not Cleared" message is advised to contact their healthcare provider.

Helpful Tips and Information

You will never have to select or remember a password to use the app. Once it is set up, the app automatically keeps you logged in with your authenticated SUNY Orange email address. Even after closing the app, you will stay logged into the app on your device unless you go to the "My Account" options and log out.

Your results for the current day will be displayed each time you open the app, until the next day, when you are prompted to complete the “How are you feeling?” question again. It is okay if you close the app as it keeps this information current. You can also find that day's result, as well as previous results, in the app's "My Health" history log.

If you make a mistake and need to re-enter your results for the day, you need to log out of the app and then log back in. You will be asked to validate your email again, like the first time you installed the app, in order to secure and protect your identity.