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Honors Lounges and Study Areas (Middletown & Newburgh Campus)

Students in Middletown Lounge
Students in Newburgh Lounge

Located in the historic Morrison Mansion, honors students in Middletown have a lounge to relax in, study areas with computers, and convenient access to the Program Coordinator whose office adjoins the space. The lounge affords students the opportunity to socialize, study, or just hang out, all while fostering a sense of community.

The honors program also has a prominent presence at the Newburgh Campus. Located in the Tower Building with views of the Newburgh Waterfront, honors students here also have a cozy lounge to relax in during their studies.

Activities and Offerings

Each year, the program adds new activities and events to enrich the students' learning experiences. They also run a variety of academic and social opportunities.

Honors Student Orientation

This special day kicks off the academic year. New students gather for workshops, socialize with honors peers, and do R.O.P.E.S. (team building/leadership/trust) activities. Returning honors students and faculty share their expectations, experiences, advice, and observations. Many department chairs, other honors faculty, as well as college administrators drop in for lunch and conversations.

Honors Orientation 1
Honors Orientation 2

Mentors/Peer Tutoring

One of the program s best features is the Honors Peer Mentorship Program. Exemplary experienced second-year students are paired with new students to provide guidance through their first year in the program. This helps new honors students transition smoothly into the program and provides a direct support system for the adjustment to the first year of college. Students selected to become peer mentors aid incoming honors program students, build relationships with their peers, provide one-on-one help, and explain the ins and outs of being a honors student.


Students in the Honors Program have the opportunity to take part in a variety of research conferences during their time at SUNY Orange.

The very competitive Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC) conference gives two- and four-year college honors students from Maine to Maryland an opportunity to formulate their own research topic around a central theme and present their findings to other honors peers at a three day honors specific conference. Attendees not only present their own research, but attend other research sessions as well as special events such as City-As-Text, plenary speakers, cultural and social activities.

The Beacon conference specifically is designed to celebrate the research of two-year college students. SUNY Orange Honors Program students often submit versions of their capstone papers for selection to this competitive conference.

By participating in either of these conferences, students have been able to develop their public speaking and research skills and network with other colleges faculty and students.

Honors Conference 2
Honors Conference 1

Guest Speakers

The Honors Program co-sponsors guest speakers of interest to the students, the campus, and the community at large. They may be local politicians, authors, academicians, sports commentators, business owners, artists, and others. Speakers are encouraged to hold master classes, spending time with students in more intimate and focused classroom settings.

Brunches with the President

The academic year culminates with a breakfast or lunch for honors students, hosted by the college president. Students reflect on the year, offer course suggestions, provide observations, and propose events or changes to the program. All student achievements, including graduation from the program, are recognized at the event. In addition, honors program graduation stoles and medals are distributed to those students who will graduate that year.

Honors Brunch