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IT Master Plan Vision

Technology Vision for SUNY Orange

The Information Technology of SUNY Orange is leading edge and supports teaching and learning environments everywhere/anytime with what is termed as "eLearning[1]", which has the following attributes:

  • Supports …quality teaching and learning communities;
  • Learning …skills, knowledge, attitudes for success;
  • Environments …enabling effective learning accessible to all;
  • Everywhere …students learn in local and global environments;
  • Anytime …in a person's day, career, and life.

The Information Technology at SUNY Orange supports the day to day needs of organizational constituents in
terms of:

  • De-centralized access: To provide access and support to information, anytime/anywhere, to all college students, faculty and staff for their day-to-day needs and decision making processes.
  • Centralized Administration: To effectively and efficiently provide and support information management solutions for any and all organizational functions. All organizational applications meet the operational,managerial, and strategic information needs of the person, unit, department and institution. All IT hardware, software and services are standardized, safe, accessible, and reliable/continuous.
  • Future Growth: To be flexible and adaptable, being able to integrate all organizational systems and applications in order to meet future IT & information access demands.

[1] eLearning: also known as Distributed Learning (DL), which encompasses learning across the entire time/place spectrum, both in-person courses/classes and on-line courses/classes.