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Featured SUNY Orange LPP Alumni



SUNY Orange Liberty Partnerships Program Alumni

"I graduated high school June 25, 2019 from Newburgh Free Academy.  I currently attend Orange County Community College Honors Program and plan on transferring to Stony Brook University in the Fall 2020.

I was an LPP student over the summer before my 7th grade, so I decided to volunteer over the school year to give back.
Some of my favorite programs that I did through LPP were the big science projects and field trips.

Liberty Partnerships opened my eyes in the field of science which I greatly appreciated. Thanks to LPP, I have wanted to become a dentist ever since I attended their summer program.
I am most proud of my academic accomplishments throughout high school and now college. I am an honors student at SUNY Orange.

My advice for current students is to keep your eyes open. If you don’t like the program, don’t shut the thought of continuing the program out. Always keep an open mind because you never know what may happen."


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