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Self Study

Self-Study 2022-2023

SUNY Orange’s self-study engaged faculty, staff, administration and students in a process of self-reflection and in depth analysis of our structure, policies and practices in order to celebrate our strengths while also recognizing our challenges.  Deriving from the college mission, the Strategic Plan 2020-2025, guides the institution into the future with focus on: empowering students, strengthening the region’s economic future while sustaining and invigorating resources and operations efficiently and effectively.  By aligning the institutional priorities with our mission and strategic priorities, we have ensured that our recommendations for improvement and innovation are future focused.  Through extensive investigation and evaluation, SUNY Orange has reaffirmed its commitment to provide students of today and tomorrow with essential support services and offer academic opportunities to ensure their continued commitment on the path of lifelong learning.  

Self Study Cover

SUNY Orange has prepared its 2023 Self-Study report in advance of the Self-Study Team visit on April 2nd to 5th.  We encourage our faculty, staff, students and community to read the report and learn more about the institution's strengths and accomplishments as well as the recommendations for future improvement and innovation.


SUNY Orange's Self-Study Design has guided the discussion, research and writing undertaken by the Steering Committee and the Working Groups throughout the two-year self-study process leading up to the Team Visit in Spring 2023.  It is essential to have a well-developed design in order to ensure an inclusive, transparent, and thorough self-study process. The self-study co-chairs are pleased to share with the College the accepted Self-Study Design - SUNY Orange's Self-Study Design (PDF)


Self-Study 2013-2014

Self-Study 2013-2014 (PDF)

Orange County Community College completed its most recent accreditation process when it prepared its 2013-2014 Self-Study for reaccreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

This webpage was created at that time to provide the faculty, staff and students of Orange County Community College with a central location to obtain information about the College's Self Study.


WHO was Involved in the Self-Study Process?

Orange County Community College assembled a strong team of faculty and staff who were committed to the self-evaluation of the College’s programs and services in order to identify ways to improve so that the College could better serve students and the community.


Self-Study Steering Committee Members

The Self-Study Steering Committee was comprised of 13 total members representing faculty, staff and students; the Committee was led by 2 co-chairs. Additionally, the Colleges's President Dr. William Richards, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Vice Presidents provided leadership through their roles as ex-officio members.


Self-Study Working Groups and Members

There were 8 Working Groups with nearly 60 members representing faculty, administration, support staff and students that determined the extent to which the College complied with the 14 Standards of Excellence.


Self-Study Design

Orange County Community College's Self-Study Design was approved by Dr. Ellie Fogarty, MSCHE liaison, in April 2012. The Self-Study Design served as the College's "blueprint for the self-study process and for the final self-study report. It guided the Steering Committee and Working Groups in their discussion, research and writing."

For more information please contact, Christine Work, Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research Officer.


Past SUNY Orange Middle States Activity

Substantive Change Proposal - Newburgh Branch Campus (September 2010)

The College submitted its Substantive Change Proposal to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in September 2010 for review and recognition of Newburgh as a branch campus.

Periodic Review Report (June 2009)

Monitoring Report (March 2006)

Self-Study 2004 and Middle States Team Report (April 2004)


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  2. Christine Work
  3. Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research Office
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