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History, Mission, & Philosophy


The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program was started in 1977 and since that time has enjoyed a reputation of quality and excellence. A well-equipped and state of the art lab, faculty members with a wide array of professional expertise and a diverse variety of fieldwork experiences contribute to the success of the program


The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is committed to providing an educational experience that is relevant to the needs and goals of each individual student and acceptable to the facilities and agencies with a potential for hiring occupational therapy assistants.

To this end the program strives to create an atmosphere that is responsive to individual differences. The development of problem-solving skills and self-directed learning strategies is the central goal for student learning.

Program Philosophy

As occupational therapy educators, the faculty of the SUNY Orange OTA Program have a strong commitment to facilitate the student's interaction with his/her environment as a learning process. The student is provided with varied opportunities for exercising problem solving skills. This promotes the student's ability to identify therapeutic methods and techniques which will enable clients and patients to maximize their potentials in ways that can be both meaningful and productive. Through exposure to and experience with selected purposeful activities the student learns the process of adaptation and its relationship to everyday living.