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School District Information

Message from the Vice President for Student Services

It is my hope that your staff, students and the families of your school community are all doing well.

At this time we are preparing to honor your students for our annual Sojourner Truth Awards Recognition.  We will acknowledge the accomplishments of deserving students in grades 6-12 and encourage college attendance as an option for students from groups traditionally under-represented in the college population.  For 2022 we will not be holding an in-person ceremony due to our campus' indoor restrictions, however, we want to encourage your students to continue to work hard by recognizing them as we transition into hopefully a more open environment in the future.

We would like to invite you to submit online nominations by March 4, 2022 to those students who you would like to recognize as deserving of a Sojourner Truth Award.  Please go to our Online Nomination form to enter your nomination by the deadline of March 4.  Information and criteria for the nomination process has been emailed and mailed to school personnel.  Please share this information with your colleagues.  Each award recipient will receive a certificate from SUNY Orange along with a commemorative coin acknowledging their achievements.  Certificates and coins will be mailed to the schools to be distributed by school personnel.

We were hoping to celebrate in the way we have done in the past, but we cannot forget how important it is to acknowledge our students in the best way possible while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved.

For additional information about the Sojourner Truth Awards, please visit the homepage of our Sojourner Truth website.  If you have any further questions, you can contact my assistant, Dolores Jones or me at 845 341-4000 or email us at gerianne.brusati@sunyorange.edu or dolores.jones@sunyorange.edu




Gerianne Brusati

Vice President for Student Services