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School District Information

Message from the Vice President for Student Services

  • Sojourner Truth Awards Program
  • Friday, March 6, 2020, 6:00 pm
  • Edward S. Diana Physical Education Center, Middletown Campus

I invite you to participate in our 30th annual Sojourner Truth Awards Program, SUNY Orange's annual recognition ceremony. We acknowledge the achievements of deserving students and encourage consideration of college attendance as an option for students from groups which are traditionally under-represented in the college population. We will honor students in grades 6–12.

We are asking that school districts coordinate the selection process internally. The Electronic Submission Form Process and the Recognition Criteria may be viewed by clicking the link under School District Information.

We ask that you complete one electronic submission form for each student being recognized. The electronic submission form may only be completed by the principal/teacher/counselor who nominated the student. Students are not allowed to nominate themselves. We have determined a maximum number of nominations from your school district. If your school district reaches the quota, your school's guidance office must contact us for submission authorization.

In order to complete arrangements in a timely manner, we need you to complete the electronic submission form of the students to be recognized no later than February 1, 2020.  This is a firm deadline. Copies of these forms will be shared with the students

We appreciate the assistance of school personnel in carrying out the ceremony itself.  Having help from people who know the students and who can promote appropriate behavior contributes significantly to the program's success.  All students selected will be invited to the awards ceremony. Given the number of recipients we anticipate from your district, we would appreciate having school representatives in attendance, as well. Please contact us no later than March 2, 2020 with the names and email addresses of school personnel who plan on attending the ceremony so we can arrange for reserved seating.

Thank you very much for continuing to participate in this important county-wide event.  If you have any questions regarding the program, please call my office at (845) 341-4000. You can also reach us via e-mail at gerianne.brusati@sunyorange.edu or dolores.jones@sunyorange.edu



Gerianne Brusati

Vice President for Student Services