Facebook Ad Pixel Active Projects, Title III, SUNY Orange

Activity Implementation Overview

Implementation Methodology

The project utilizes Schein's (2004) model of transformational change: analysis and intervention; experimentation and modeling; and infrastructure and training. This gradual design, testing and corrections process is used throughout the implementation process to allow refinements of the strategy each year.

Activity Implementation Overview

Year 1 Concurrent Initiatives

  • T3C* is authorized to employ staff and implement project
  • T3C*, T3AD*, SSM* design Student Services Central, plan operation, remodel facility
  • Develop Transitional Advising Plan (TAP)
  • Purchase and install Degree Works
  • Develop Message Mapping Plan

Year 2 Concurrent Initiatives

  • Pilot Student Services Central
  • Pilot TAP including career guidance
  • Pilot Degree Works, train users, integrate into design of TAP
  • Purchase portal, install, launch and train staff
  • Develop multimedia response system
  • Develop early alert intervention system

Year 3 Concurrent Initiatives

  • Initiate design of electronic advising and electronic tutoring
  • Fully integrate all pilots: Student Services Central, portal messaging/ Message Map, early alert/ intervention system, TAP
  • Pilot student services modules, enrollment supports, an career testimonial
  • Design virtual advising/ learning supports

Year 4 Concurrent Initiatives

  • Install, train staff and launch multimedia response system
  • Pilot electronic advising and electronic learning supports
  • Explore savings, productivity gains relevant to institutionalization

Year 5 Concurrent Initiatives

  • Fully implement virtual advising and learning supports with continued training
  • Fully implement the Multimedia Response System with continued training
  • Evaluate project impact on the goals of the Comprehensive Development Plan
  • Institutionalize

*T3C: Title III Coordinator; T3AD: Title III Activities Director; SSM: Student Services Central Manager