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Implementation and Support Team:

The Title III staff includes new hires and existing College employees reassigned to project roles. The Title III Implementation & Support Team (IST) consists of Title III staff and key administrators that will meet monthly at the level of President and Cabinet.

Its purpose is to ensure that the project is being implemented according to plan from the College's perspective, and proactively resolve any impediments challenging implementation. Strategically, top administrations share the membership with representative program leaders to ensure the program progresses in a timely and productive manner.

IST will meet monthly to ensure that objectives and timetable are adhered to in a cost effective manner; to assist with the implementation strategies; participate in the evaluation activities; and provide overall support through their particular expertise.

Implementation and Support Team
  • Title 3 Coordinator (T3C)
  • Title 3 Activities Director (T3AD)
  • Student Services Central Manager (SSM)
  • Academic Engagement Coordinators (AEC)
  • Multimedia Specialist (MMS)
  • Administrative/ Technical Support
  • Peer Students
  • Director of Student Support Initiatives
  • VP, Academic Affairs
  • VP, Administration & Finance
  • VP, Institutional Advancement
  • VP, Student Services

Core Team