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Transfer Agreements

Transfer Agreements & Articulations Explained:

College Transfer Articulation Agreements are a formal agreement established between two or more educational institutions, typically between community colleges and four-year universities. It outlines the specific courses, credits, and requirements that will be accepted and transferred from one institution to another.

These agreements help streamline the transfer process for students, ensuring that their credits earned at SUNY Orange are recognized and applied towards their degree program at the intended transfer school.  It provides a clear roadmap for students to plan their academic journey and aid in avoiding unnecessary duplication of coursework.

Because courses and programs may change over time, students should contact Transfer Advising, or Academic Advising Office at (845) 341-4070 and / or the transfer specialist at the colleges to which they plan to transfer for the most current information.

For institutions looking to establish transfer/articulation agreements with SUNY Orange, please contact Nancy Boylan at NancyBoylan@sunyorange.edu or (845) 341-4760.


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