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Transfer Resources

Below you will find resources to help you navigate through the many transfer opportunities available to you. These reources can assist you in making an informed decision during this transitional period of your academic career.

Clicking on the links below will take you out of the SUNY Orange website. The college cannot be responsible for the content on these pages, although the links on this page have been reviewed and are recommended by the members of the Academic Advising Office.

College Search Engines

Common Application
(mainly for use by private or out-of-state colleges/universities)

***Important -- Transfer College Report Form***

  • SUNY Orange does not participate in the ability to electronically submit the "Transfer College Report" form.
  • The supplemental form should be submitted to Academic Advising Office, 3rd floor, Shepard Student Center (Middletown Campus), or 1st floor, Kaplan Hall (Newburgh Campus).
  • When submitting the form, please provide the address information for the colleges/universities that you would like the form to be sent to.
  • The Registrars Office will not send official transcripts on your behalf, you must submit a request either in person or online.

When Researching Prospective Colleges or Universities: Questions to Ask

Check with your Transfer Counselor at the college or university to which you are applying to be sure you meet all admissions requirements and deadlines. Questions to ask a counselor:

  1. What is the minimum cumulative GPA required for acceptance? This varies widely!

  2. How many semesters and credits will be required to complete a degree in my stated major field of study?

  3. What core/general education electives are required? Note that colleges/universities have different requirements for the courses they accept as transfer credits.

  4. Are there a maximum number of credits that are eligible for transfer?

  5. What courses and credits will be accepted for transfer credit and what are their course equivalencies?

  6. How will the transferred courses and requirements help me to earn the degree I am seeking?

  7. What scholarship opportunities are available for transfer students? Be sure to ask this early on to ensure that you meet all application deadlines. Funds may be limited for transfer students.

  8. What type of living space is available? Every college has unique policies related to housing - be sure to ask what options are available to you as a transfer student.

  9. Are transfer orientation sessions or transfer student seminars offered to help connect with other transfer students?

*Some of the information in the above sections are taken from the "Maps2Transfer," a grant funded project created to provide students with information to help them navigate the transfer process.