Facebook Ad Pixel SUNY Orange: Diversity - Institutional Diversity and Equity Committee

Committee for Institutional Diversity and Equity


  • 2 from each Academic Division
  • 2 Support Staff
  • 1 Professional Staff
  • 2 Students

Ex Officio Members

  • Chief Diversity Officer
  • Affirmative Action Officer
  • Director of Newburgh Campus
  • Disability Specialist from Accessibility Services
  • Director of Student Activities (or designee)


The Committee for Institutional Diversity and Equity will:

1. Review suggested revisions and recommend revisions to the Affirmative Action manual.

2. Advise and collaborate with Human Resources regarding continuing attempts to more closely match potential new employees' demographics with student and county demographics.

3. Use the college's Diversity and Inclusion Plan as a guiding document, direct strategies to infuse diversity and equity into all aspects of campus life, academic and non-academic.

4. Assist the Chief Diversity Officer in coordinating educational programming that celebrates diversity and equity.

5. Serve as a forum to discuss and advocate for equitable resolution of issues pertaining to institutional diversity and equity by making recommendations.