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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

SUNY Orange is required to monitor the academic progress of each applicant and certify that the applicant is making satisfactory academic progress toward earning his/her degree. This determination of progress must be made at least once a year and before the financial aid office disburses any federal aid funds for the subsequent semester.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (8/27/2020): Financial Aid Office has updated their SAP policy for federal financial aid purposes for 2020-2021 (see Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Addendum - PDF)  



Academic progress is checked at the end of each academic year. SUNY Orange’s academic year for Associate Degree programs is measured from May to May. If you fail to meet the minimum completion percentage (attempted vs. accumulated credit hours) or maintain the minimum grade point average you will forfeit all federal financial aid. If you have reached the maximum number of attempted credits without earning a degree, you will be excluded from further participation in federal financial aid programs (Pell grants, Direct Loans, and Federal Work Study). Federal regulations require that these standards apply to all students.

Repeating Coursework

Financial Aid for repeated coursework is only available through Federal Aid Programs. New York State Aid programs do not provide for repeated coursework.



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