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Financial Aid Probation: If you have fallen below the completion ratio on the satisfactory academic progress chart, and/or you have failed to maintain the required minimum GPA associated with that completion ratio, you will be placed on Federal Financial Aid Probation. You will be allowed only one probationary semester during your academic plan if an appeal is granted.

While on probation the Financial Aid Office will review your academic transcript at the end of the following semester to ensure you meet the conditions of your probation in relation to Progress and GPA.

While on financial aid probation you will:

  • Receive a separate letter that will outline the academic requirements you must meet in order to receive federal financial aid for the following semester.
  • If you meet the terms of financial aid probation, you will be permitted to continue to participate in federal student aid programs (Pell grants, Loans, and Federal Work Study) for subsequent semesters.
  • If you have been placed on financial aid probation you shall be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress for the purposes of receiving financial aid as long as you continue to meet the academic requirements outlined in your probationary letter.

If you do not meet the terms of probation, you will forfeit eligibility for all Federal Financial Aid programs. (Pell grants, Loans, Federal Work Study)

Grade Changes:

Students who are receiving aid on a probationary basis:

  • Must resolve all incomplete grades before the Financial Aid Office can make a final determination of the satisfactory academic progress guidelines.
  • Students must report any grade changes that impact their aid eligibility directly to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Students must notify the Financial Aid Office once their final grades have been posted.

Probation Standards Not Met

If you have lost eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs for reasons of academic progress you may regain eligibility by enrolling at SUNY Orange at your own expense, and making up the deficiency of Progress or GPA. The mere passage of time will not ordinarily restore eligibility to a student who has failed to make satisfactory academic progress policy.

If you have been academically dismissed from SUNY Orange but are subsequently given permission to re-enroll, you are not automatically eligible to continue to participate in Federal Financial Aid programs. Admissions decisions are totally separate from funding decisions.