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Articulations/Transfer Agreements by Degree

The following list of SUNY Orange articulation agreements with other colleges and universities organized by program and degree.

For a list of programs organized by institution, and for links to the agreements listed below, see Programs by Institution.

Because courses and programs may change over time, students should contact Transfer Advising, or Academic Advising Office at (845) 341-4070 and / or the transfer specialist at the colleges to which they plan to transfer for the most current information.

For further details about SUNY Orange articulation agreements, please contact Nancy Boylan at NancyBoylan@sunyorange.edu or (845) 341-4760.

Comprehensive/General Agreements

Berkeley College


Subject to the requirements below, students' associate degrees earned at OCCC will be fully transferable, as approximately 60 semester credits, towards the Berkeley baccalaureate degree requirements. Applications for transfer credit that, in the sole discretion of Berkeley, do not meet all of the requirements below will be evaluated on an individual course-by-course basis and in accordance with Berkeley's Transfer Credit Policy.

A. Students must apply and be admitted to Berkeley.

B. Students must have graduated from OCCC with an associate's degree.

C. Students must have completed the requisite coursework for one of the OCCC programs listed in Appendix A and must be seeking to apply those credits to a corresponding Berkeley bachelor's degree program. Appendix A lists all OCCC courses and credits for the included programs and the corresponding Berkeley courses and credits toward which they will be accepted.

D. In the event that either institution modifies or eliminates any of the courses or credits in Appendix A, Berkeley, in its sole discretion, may decline to accept credits for transfer with respect to those courses unless and until the parties have mutually agreed upon an appropriate amendment of Appendix A.


A. Berkeley will grant transfer credits as either course-by-course equivalencies or as general elective credits, as outlined in Appendix A. Grades earned at OCCC are not transferable and will not be applied toward the calculation of the student's grade point average earned at Berkeley.

B. Not all degree programs and courses are offered at every Berkeley location. Students may be required to take some courses at another location or online.

C. Berkeley reserves the right to add, discontinue or modify its academic, scholarship and other programs and policies at any time.

D. During the period of this Agreement, each party will make reasonable efforts to send notice to the other prior to the implementation of any curricular changes that might affect this Agreement.


Castleton University


* Complete an application through Castleton Admissions: www.castleton.edu/admissions. Application fee will be waived under this agreement.
* Submit one-page application essay. The essay is generally reflective. Your topic can focus on what your transitional path has been or your aspirations for Castleton.
* Submit your official transcript from SUNY Orange and transcript from all previous colleges/universities.
* Submit one letter of recommendation from a professor, employer, or counselor.


The Maple Award reduces out-of-state tuition to Vermont resident tuition. Qualified candidates must have earned an associate's degree or be in the process of earning an associate's degree at SUNY Orange prior to enrolling at
Castleton University. The award is renewable for students making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree. Recipients must: 1) enroll at Castleton on full-time basis, 2) live on campus, and 3) maintain satisfactory academic progress.

For more information about Castleton, contact Amanda Ley - Amanda.ley@castleton.edu or 802-468-6465.

DeSales University

Subject to the terms of this agreement, a student who has earned an A.A. (Associate of Arts) degree or an A.S. (Associates of Science) degree is assured admission to DeSales University. In addition, the student will receive transfer credit for the courses completed at Orange County Community College as set forth in this agreement.

Orange County Community College and DeSales University agree to the following terms:

1. The DeSales University core will essentially be fulfilled by the core of Orange County Community College.

With an A.A. or A.S. degree, a student will be required to take only four core courses:
a. Humanity III - Great Works of Art and Music
b. Humanity IV - Great Works of Literature
c. Intermediate Theology
d. Values Seminar

2. DeSales University will accept up to 25 courses (75 credits) for transfer.

3. Students who elect to complete their bachelor's degree through online courses at DeSales University may be eligible for a scholarship program that enables students to pay a community college tuition rate rather than the regular DeSales University tuition rate.

For more information, SUNY Orange students may contact Dave Achenbach at david.achenbach@desales.edu or 610-282-1100 ext 1314. Students can also reach out to access@desales.edu.

Excelsior College

Excelsior College, Albany, NY, offers transfer admission to SUNY Orange graduates with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. They may transfer a maximum of 90 credits. A special tuition and fees discount is available.

If applying for the Excelsior BSN program, SUNY Orange graduates must hold an RN.

For information at Excelsior, contact Cortney Shaughnessy at Cshaughnessy@excelsior.edu or 917-999-8428.

Franklin University

This agreement guarantees admission and transferability of credits to SUNY Orange graduates seeking a baccalaureate degree at Franklin University. They may transfer as many as 94 credit hours toward their Franklin degree, and they must complete at least 30 credit hours at Franklin to be eligible for a Franklin Bachelor of Science degree.

For more information about Franklin, please contact MaryAnn Stoila at transferinfo@Franklin.edu or setup a phone or virtual appointment at www.franklin.edu/appt/maryanns

Lackawanna College

Lackawanna College offers guaranteed admission to SUNY Orange graduates with an associate degree who have achieved a 2.8 or higher GPA. SUNY Orange transferees will be eligible for a $1,250 per year scholarship and the Lackawanna application fee will be waived.

Transfer students will be required to complete 30 credits at Lackawanna College.

For more information about Lackawanna College, contact Jennifer Passenti at passentij@lackawanna.edu or 570-226-4625.

Pace University

Pace University provides guaranteed admission with junior standing for SUNY Orange graduates who have earned at least a 2.5 GPA while at SUNY Orange. They must enroll full-time in one of Pace's 18 degree programs included in the agreement.

Pace will apply up to 68 credits earned at SUNY Orange toward the completion of the articulated degree programs.

For more information about this agreement and Pace's programs, please contact Nicole Salimbene at 914-773-3225 or nsalimbene@pace.edu

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Ramapo College will admit as transfer students and continue to assist all SUNY Orange students, who meet the determined admissions criteria, following current and future articulation agreements established between the institutions. Ramapo College and SUNY Orange will work to support transfer student experience and increase completion rates of transfers.

SUNY Albany

Please visit the SUNY Albany transfer website.

SUNY Canton

Students who have completed an Associates program at SUNY Orange will be accepted into a baccalaureate program.

Student Eligibility: Graduates of SUNY Orange must possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. SUNY Canton assures acceptance for SUNY Orange students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. (Note that program-specific requirements are stated on the individual program's current course equivalency chart on file.) Students are encouraged to apply during their last semester at SUNY Orange.

Transfer Credit: A grade of C or better must be earned for each transfer credit of courses applicable to the Bachelor's Degree.

Degree Requirements: SUNY Canton requires that 120 or more credits (depending on the specific program) be completed in order to earn a Bachelor's Degree. To be eligible for graduation with a Bachelor's Degree, a minimum of 30 credits must be taken in residence at SUNY Canton. Fifteen credits must be taken in the major, or acceptable cognates as determined by the department at SUNY Canton. Students will be required to matriculate in accordance with the guidelines as specified in the policies of the academic catalog.

For more information about SUNY Canton, please contact Rebecca Blackmon at (315) 386-7686 or blackmonr@canton.edu

SUNY Cobleskill

This agreement establishes procedures to promote the easy transition of Associate in Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) degree graduates from Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange) to the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) at the State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill (SUNY Cobleskill).

Terms of the Agreement

1. Students from SUNY Orange, who complete the A.A.S. or A.S. degree and have taken specified courses, with a minimum 2.25 cumulative grade point average, will be guaranteed admission into the B.B.A. degree at SUNY Cobleskill with full junior status.

2. Transfer students must complete and file the SUNY Admissions Application indicating transfer to SUNY Cobleskill prior to November 15 for spring semester entry, and prior to May 15 for fall semester entry.

3. Courses satisfying major field requirements must have C grade or higher to be accepted for transfer credit.

4. Students who do not meet the requirements of this agreement will also be considered for admission. They will be evaluated on an individual basis.

SUNY Empire State College

This Pathways Transfer Program Agreement assures that qualified students completing any Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree at SUNY Orange will be able to transfer seamlessly to SUNY Empire. It also establishes procedures for graduates of SUNY Orange to obtain the appropriate bachelor's degree (BA, BS, and BPS) at SUNY Empire.

During their first year at SUNY Empire, students in the Pathways Transfer Program may, with advisement, opt to cross-register for up to 15 additional credits at SUNY Orange beyond the associate degree. These lower-division credits will be applicable to the baccalaureate degree program by satisfying SUNY General Education requirements or needed pre-requisite courses.

Up to 79 lower-division credits can be transferred in, leaving at least 45 upper-division credits to be completed towards the 124 credit bachelor's degree at SUNY Empire. This includes 24 upper-division credits within the student's selected concentration, consistent with the College's requirements for a bachelor's degree. Each participating student will be able to transfer all credits earned as part of their associate degree to SUNY Empire, as long as they fit into the student's designed bachelor's degree program.

To be eligible, SUNY Orange transfer students must have completed an associate degree or be in (for entering) their final semester of completing an associate degree.

Admissions forms are available at https://www.esc.edu/admissions/. For more information, please contact Chris Rolley, HVenroll@esc.edu or 800-847-3000, ext. 3461.

SUNY New Paltz

Please visit the SUNY New Paltz transfer website.

SUNY, University at Buffalo, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Orange Communty College and the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have established an agreement providing a 2 + 4 undergraduate/professional school education leading to the associate's degree from Orange Community College and the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the University at Buffalo. The first phase (undergraduate) of the collaborative program will consist of the completion of a minimum of an AA or AS program/major at Orange Community College including all of the University at Buffalo PharmD program required prerequisite courses. The second phase will consist of completion of the four-year curriculum of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University at Buffalo. Under this agreement, the student would receive an associate's degree from Orange Community College and upon approval of the University at Buffalo, the student will complete four years of professional study and requirements for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. For more information contact Anthony Scalia.

Program-Specific Agreements


  • Berkeley College
    • A.A.S. Accounting (to B.B.A. Accounting)
    • A.S. Accounting (to B.B.A. Accounting)
  • Pace University
    • A.A.S. Accounting (to B.B.A. General Accounting OR Public Accounting OR Finance)
    • A.S. Accounting (to B.B.A. General Accounting OR Public Finance OR Finance)
  • SUNY Cobleskill
    • A.A.S. Accounting (to B.B.A. Business Administration)
    • A.S. Accounting (to B.B.A. Business Administration)


  • Berkeley College
    • A.A.S. Business Management (to B.B.A. Management)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. Fashion Merchandising & Management)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. Financial Services)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. General Business)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. Health Services Management)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. International Business)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. Marketing Communications)
  • Pace University
    • A.A.S. Business Management (to B.B.A. Business Management OR Marketing OR Finance)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. Business Management OR Marketing OR Finance)
  • SUNY Cobleskill
    • A.A.S. Business Management (to B.B.A. Business Administration)
    • A.S. Business Administration (to B.B.A. Business Administration)

Computer Science and Technology

  • Mount Saint Mary College
    • A.A.S. Cybersecurity (to B.S. Cybersecurity)
  • Pace University
    • A.A.S. Computer Information Technology (CIT) Networking (to B.S. Information Technology)
    • A.A.S. Cybersecurity (to B.S. Information Technology)
    • A.S. Computer Science (to B.A./B.S. Computer Science)
  • SUNY Canton
    • A.A.S. Computer Information Technology - Networking (to B.S. Cybersecurity)
    • A.A.S. Cyber Security (to B.S. Cybersecurity)
    • A.S. Computer Science (to B.S. Cybersecurity)

Criminal Justice

  • Berkeley College
    • A.A.S. Criminal Justice (to B.S. Justice Studies - Criminal Justice)
    • A.S. Criminal Justice (to B.S. Justice Studies - Criminal Justice)
  • Pace University
    • A.S. Criminal Justice (to B.S. Criminal Justice)
    • A.S. Criminal Justice - Police (to B.S. Criminal Justice)


Honors Program

Human Services

International Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Pace University
    • A.S. Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Natural Sciences (to B.S. Mathematics)


New Media

  • Pace University
    • A.A.S. New Media (to B.A. Film and Screen Studies)
    • A.A.S. New Media (to B.S. Digital Cinema and Filmmaking)


Visual Communications

  • Pace University
    • A.A.S. Visual Communications Technology: Graphic Art/Printing (to B.A. Art)
    • A.A.S. Visual Communicaitons Technology: Graphic Art/Printing (to B.F.A. Art)