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What local High Schools participate in CCHSP?

  • John S. Burke Catholic High School
  • Chester Academy
  • Cornwall Central High School
  • Goshen Central High School
  • James I. O'Neill High School (Highland Falls)
  • Minisink Valley High School
  • Monroe-Woodbury High School
  • Newburgh Free Academy
  • Orange-Ulster BOCES
  • Pine Bush High School
  • Port Jervis High School
  • S. S. Seward Institute (Florida)
  • Valley Central High School
  • Warwick Valley High School
  • Washingtonville High School

Will my credits transfer to other colleges?

College credits earned through CCHSP are transferable to many public and private colleges. Typically a grade of C or better is required to transfer credit to another academic institution.

To transfer credits, a student must complete a Transcript Request Form. This form is available through the Registrar's Office at SUNY Orange. For more information see https://sunyorange.edu/registrar/transcripts.html

Transfer credit is determined by the receiving institution. CCHSP students are therefore advised to inquire about course transferability by calling the admissions office of the institution(s) to which they plan to apply.

Are student records confidential?

All student records are maintained and made available in accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. With some exceptions, all student records are available for review upon request by that student, and the right to challenge the content is provided.

No records are released to third persons except as provided in the Act. Further information is available from the Office of Records and Registration, in the SUNY Orange Rights and Responsibilities Booklet, or on the website at FERPA.

Do CCHSP students get a Student ID and Parking Pass?

SUNY Orange CCHSP students with college IDs may use the SUNY Orange Library, Remote Database Link, and Fitness Center, participate in College activities, and attend College cultural events.

CCHSP students are invited to stop by the Center for Student Involvement, just outside the Bookstore in the Shepard Center, to obtain college IDs and campus parking permits.

What is the tuition rate?

The tuition rate as of Fall 2023 is: $40

Are there accommodations for Students with Disabilities?

SUNY Orange welcomes students with disabilities and encourages them to access their approved accommodations/modifications so that they may receive equal educational opportunities.

Although no changes in the curriculum or instruction are allowed for college-level courses, reasonable academic accommodations/modifications are allowable for CCHSP students with documented disabilities in consultation with the course instructor(s).

All support services and accommodation/modification designation will be provided by the school district. If a question or concern arises pertaining to accommodations/ modifications the CCHSP faculty will direct inquiries to the CCHSP Coordinator, who will contact the SUNY Orange Advocate for Services to Students with Disabilities, as necessary.

Where can I find the College Catalog?

The full SUNY Orange College Catalog, including individual course descriptions can be found in the Catalog section of our website.