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Teaching in a NYS Public School

SUNY Orange has a Jointly Registered Teacher Education Program (JRTEP) with SUNY New Paltz.  Students who select the JRTEP program may choose to specialize in either Birth-6th grade certification or 7th-12th grade certification. Within each specialization, there are a variety of concentration options. Birth-6th grade students may concentrate in Biology, English, History, Mathematics, or Spanish; 7th-12th grade students may concentrate in Biology, English, Social Studies, or Mathematics.  Upon successful completion of degree requirements at SUNY Orange, students will transfer to SUNY New Paltz to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and Initial Teaching Certification in New York State. The JRTEP program also transfers well to other SUNY schools.

SUNY Orange also offers Liberal Arts programs for students who plan to transfer to a non-SUNY, out-of-state or private college.

Individuals with existing Bachelor’s Degrees who are looking to pursue NYS Teaching Certification are encouraged to visit the following website, which details a variety of pathways to certification:


For information and questions, please contact the Regional Teacher Certification Officer, Mary Swift at 845-295-4037 or mary.swift@scboces.org.

Posters created by students in EDU 207 Social and Philosphical Foundations of Education. Based on Young Adult novels about the impact of a teacher on a young person's life.