Facebook Ad Pixel EOP Checklist, Educational Opportunities Program (EOP), SUNY Orange

EOP Checklist

3 Easy Steps to Apply For This Program!

  1. If you have not done so already, apply to SUNY Orange: https://sunyorange.edu/admissions/freshman_student.html
  2. Complete and submit an online EOP application: https://machform.sunyorange.edu/view.php?id=374247


Once income and academic standards are verified you will be contacted with a pre-acceptance letter. Your acceptance to the program is contingent upon you completing the additional requirements of attending a New Start workshop and registering for a full-time class schedule. Attendance in the 4-week EOP Summer Academy is MANDATORY.

Questions, please contact the EOP office at madeline.torresdiaz@sunyorange.edu

Educational Opportunity Program Expectations

  • Students must sign a student contract which outlines their responsibilities while participating in EOP
  • Attend the mandatory Summer Academy
  • Offered to eligible matriculated FULL-TIME STUDENTS ONLY
  • New Students must meet with their EOP Success Coach for scheduled appointments; continuing students in good standing are required to meet monthly or as specified by their EOP Success Coach
  • Students must attend scheduled retention meetings and enrichment programming 
  • Students must not withdraw from any courses without consulting with an EOP Success Coach or EOP Director
  • Students must respond to correspondence received from the EOP office
  • Students must attend tutoring sessions unless otherwise specified by an EOP advisor