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SUNY Orange Rowley Center

Safety and Security

Campus Safety Tips

Important Phone Numbers  
SUNY Orange Safety and Security - Middletown Campus 341-4710
Middletown Police Department 343-3151
Middletown Fire Department 343-4000
Wellness Center - Middletown Campus 341-4870
Mobile Life Ambulance - Middletown Campus 343-1212
SUNY Orange Safety and Security - Newburgh Campus 341-9533
Newburgh Police Department 561-3131
Newburgh Fire Department 562-1212
Mobile Life Ambulance - Newburgh Campus 562-4357

The following safety/security suggestions are simply intended to:

  • Help you remain safe by avoiding unsafe situations
  • Help you prevent loss of personal property by following a few helpful hints.

These suggestions should be utilized not only on campus but in the community at large.

  • Don't leave valuables exposed in the passenger compartment of your auto.
  • Place all valuables in your trunk or glove compartment prior to arrival at parking lot.
  • Park in well lighted areas and as near as possible to the building you'll be entering.
  • Try to arrive and leave at times the lot is most populated.
  • Park near other autos. Try not to leave your auto in a remote or obscure location.
  • Carry a small flashlight on your person.
  • Have your keys ready before you approach your car.
  • Try to travel to and from a parking lot with known friends or acquaintances. For Security Escorts dial "77."
  • Check the passenger compartment (use flashlight) before entering the car.
  • Lock all doors after entering.
  • If you MUST stay behind, ask a friend to remain with you.
  • Become familiar with fire extinguisher locations and emergency exits.
  • Never divulge the combinations to lockers or other secured areas to anyone.
  • Never divulge Personal Identification entry codes to computers or to ATM's to anyone.
  • Safeguard those expensive textbooks - put your initials inside on a favorite page number for identification.
  • Never attach your name/address to your keys.
  • If you lose your keys, change the lock cylinders at your residence.
  • Keep a list (at home) of all credit card numbers.
  • In case of loss/theft have a list (at home) of telephone numbers to:
    • Cancel Credit Cards
    • Notify Banks to Stop Checks
  • Secure book bags and pocketbooks - need a lock for your desks? - call extension 4934!

When Traveling at Night:

  • Let friends/family know of your intended route to/from the location
  • Travel on busy roads, if possible.
  • Travel on roads with night time services (gas stations, telephones, etc.)
  • Let friends/family know of the approximate time of your return.
  • If broken down on road, notify the local police.
  • Deal only with UNIFORMED police traveling in MARKED cars.
  • Do not get into an auto with a stranger. If accosted, remember description and auto registration plate number.
  • If cars stop to assist, ask them to notify the police for you. Remain in your locked auto.
  • Do not enter houses in the area, ask them to notify the police to assist you - give them your location. Return to your auto and remain until help arrives.

At Public Places: (schools, shopping malls, theaters, sports arenas, etc.)

  • Keep your valuables within reach and always in sight.
  • If going to a restroom, take your valuables with you (purses, pocket calculators, expensive pens, jewelry, etc.).
  • Try to choose restrooms located near frequently traveled areas of the building.
  • Travel the halls and stairways with others if possible.
  • Try to always leave the building with the main group.

Fire Safety: R.A.C.E

R - Rescue: Remove any in immediate danger.
A - Alarm: Sound the alarm (call x77).
C - Confine: Confine the fire by closing doors.
E - Evacuate: Area