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Sexual Violence Prevention Survey

2017 Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct

Orange County Community College, a unit of State University of New York (SUNY), administered its first Campus Climate survey in the spring of 2017. The purpose of the survey was to assess the knowledge, perceptions, and experiences of Orange County Community College students and employees in relation to sexual assault, other sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and other conduct that creates a sexually hostile environment.

Orange County Community College administered the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Survey starting April 3rd through the 21st, 2017. As per SUNY recommendation, there was a three-week consecutive administration period. The College elected to administer the survey to all students, faculty, and staff as opposed to selecting a random sample. The only exclusion to the survey was students under the age of 18.

All students, faculty, and staff during the Spring 2017 semester received advanced notification and messaging through student/employee emails as well as the College s Grapevine (bi-weekly e-newsletter). Students, faculty, and staff received a request to complete the survey via student/employee email. Multiple requests to complete the survey were sent throughout the duration of the survey to increase the response rate.

Upon the completion of the survey, campuses utilized Campus Labs platform to access the survey results. The access of the results was limited to the designated campus contact; and in the case of SUNY Orange, access and analysis of results was through the Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research Office.

By SUNY policy, this uniform survey ascertains faculty and staff awareness of policies and resources, and student experience with and knowledge of reporting and college adjudicatory processes for sexual harassment, including sexual violence and other related crimes.

Of the 904 employees who were asked to participate, 483 employees responded, a 53.43% response rate. Of the 4,607 students that were administered the survey, 350 responded, a 7.6% response rate.

Results indicated that faculty and staff are generally aware of the policies and laws, and resources. Ninety one percent of the employees who responded stated they knew about campus policies and procedures, while 66.23% of the students responded in the affirmative to these questions.

Of the employees that responded, 98.8% stated they were aware of campus and community resources on sexual and interpersonal violence. Of the students who responded, 88.39% stated their awareness of on campus and community resources.

Of the 483 employees who responded, 71% knew of the Title IX Coordinators role on campus, 55% knew where to find the Title IX Coordinator. Students indicated that 33.6% knew the Title IX Coordinators role on campus, 15.42 % knew where to find the Title IX Coordinator. These data indicate that faculty, staff, and students need more information about where the Title IX Coordinator(s) are as well and their roles.

A campus committee has reviewed all results and held a meeting with college leadership to review specific results. They are working over the summer to come up with further detailed recommendations based on the findings, which will be implemented in Fall 2017.

If you have any suggestions about how Orange County Community College can reduce the incidence of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, stalking or conduct that creates a sexually hostile environment at our college or to our response if it occurs, or questions about the survey, please contact our Title IX Coordinator.