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Please visit the link below to apply for a SUNY Orange Parking Permit.

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Campus Parking Maps

Middletown Campus | Newburgh Campus

Note: Printed maps are available at the Information Desk in the George F. Shepard Student Center

Campus Parking Regulations

Violators of campus parking regulations are subject to fines

  • Parking is restricted as follows: Monday - Friday (Classes in Session) Days - to vehicles registered at the college, authorized guests and visitors. All daytime students, faculty and Trustees' vehicles are to be registered. A numbered identification tag, provided free of charge, is to be prominently displayed on the corresponding vehicle while parked on college facilities. Replacement of lost or mutilated identification tags can be obtained for a nominal fee at the Safety and Security Office in Horton Hall.
  • During the day when college is in session, student parking is permitted in the following areas: Lot #1, Lot #3, Lot #5, Lot #7, Lot #7B, Lot #9, Lot #11, Lot #13, and Lot #14.
  • During the day when school is in session, the following lots are reserved for the use of faculty and staff only: Lot #2, Lot #4, Lot #6, Lot #8, Lot #10, and Lot #12.
  • In the evening, all lots are open to faculty, staff, registered students and authorized visitors on a first-come basis.
  • Bicycles and motorcycles are restricted to spaces specifically designated for their use.
  • "Be kind - park between the lines": Parking in the lots is permitted only within the stalls. Drivers should be careful to park within the painted lines. Parking is prohibited adjacent to curbing or lanes painted yellow.
  • Overnight or weekend parking is not permitted. Parking lots are closed after the last evening class and/or college function.
  • Upper Campus - No vehicles will be driven on the Upper Campus without proper authorization from college authorities.
  • Off-Campus Parking - Off-campus parking on streets adjacent to and in the area of the college is subject to regulations imposed by the City of Middletown.
  • Accessible Parking - Only those persons issued governmental disability identification, properly displayed, are eligible to park in spaces reserved for the disabled. Accessible parking spaces are reserved exclusively for disabled students, faculty, staff and visitors conducting legitimate business, study or recreation activities at the college. Only the person named on the Disability Parking Identification may avail themselves of such parking. Any other driver of that vehicle is subject to the parking requirements of the general population. Heavy fines for violators.
Accessibility Parking # of Spaces
George F. Shepard Student Center Building Lot #6 4
Kaplan Garage 13
Morrison Lot #5 14
Orange Hall Lot #1 5
RCSE Lot #2 4
Tennis Court Drive (adjacent to Parking Garage) 4
Tower (on Broadway) 5
  • Dead Battery: call x4600 on the Middletown Campus and x9533 on the Newburgh Campus.

  • Keys locked in auto - SORRY - we do not attempt to open doors with the "Slim Jims" as they cause damage to the electrical system. Hint - carry extra key in purse or wallet or attached key to screw that holds your license plate.

Violators will be prosecuted by the City of Middletown Police Department / City of Newburgh Police Department.

Persons wishing to contest college issued summonses may do so within 10 business days of issuance as follows:

  • Students to the Director of Security.
  • Faculty/Staff to the Vice President for Administration.