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Dr. Joseph Zurovchak

Dr. ZDr. Z, as he is known to his students, is an ecologist by training who specializes in ornithology, the study of birds. Any aspect about the biology of birds, especially those pertaining to cute, colorful woodland songbirds, is sure to be of interest to Dr. Z. Dr. Zurovchak earned his doctoral degree researching the relationship between berries and one group of birds that finds them nutritionally appealing, the thrushes. This research was conducted both in New Jersey and in Costa Rica, a country rich in natural wonders. Dr. Z likes to spend time outdoors observing birds and other aspects of nature, and has led numerous field trips to various sites in the Orange County region for his classes and for local conservation and naturalist groups. Dr. Zurovchak has been involved in several conservation projects, such as helping develop a bird checklist for Orange County and volunteering to survey birds for various organizations. Cultivating an appreciation for nature, especially right here in our local vicinity, in students and the general public is important to Dr. Zurovchak, an endeavor he looks forward to continue pursuing both in and out of the classroom.