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General Advising Information

Thanks for your interest in the Radiologic Technology program!

This page contains a variety of information to prospective students understand the admissions process and answer frequently asked questions about the program. 

The application deadline is February 1st each year.

A new class/cohort starts in the Fall semester (so just once a year). This is also described on the admissions webpage.

The application tab is available, when open, from October to Feb 1st on the Health Professions Application Resources admissions webpage (click Radiologic Technology at the bottom)

Many things are considered or even required to get into the program. For example: applicants must earn points towards a seat as this is a competitive admissions process.

How does one earn points? Classes completed towards our A.A.S. degree (on advising resource page/worksheet) with grade earned = points towards a seat. An "A" is worth more than a B or a C for example. This is also explained on the admissions page for health profession applicants with an example. See the Rad Tech Advising Worksheet Resource Page

The program is very competitive with only 24 seats available each fall, so this how admissions select students for acceptance in order to have a fair and equal admissions process. There are no other ways to earn points towards a seat at this time.

There are specific requirements students must meet to be eligible for a seat. For example, one must be eligible to take English 101 and MAT 102 among other requirements. This advising worksheet has notes to better understand the process: Advising worksheet with notes 

Students must attend a pre-admissions seminar as part of the admissions requirements. The seminar describes the acceptance process, the concept of the program, courses, clinical days and hours, plus lots of other information.

Dates and times of the pre-admissions seminars can be found on our department homepage as well as on the admissions website for Health Profession students. The dates are posted mid August for the upcoming Fall semester. Generally, we hold 3 or 4 sessions before the Feb 1st deadline. We do not hold additional or makeup sessions. They are not per request.

Information regarding clinical hours, our curriculum, and other pertinent information can be found via the tabs on the left hand side of this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When's the application deadline?

Feb 1. every year.

How many students do we accept?

24 Students.

Can I join in the Spring?

No, we only take students each Fall.

Are there night or weekend cohorts/classes?

No, this is a "day" program.

NYS limits the number of hours students are allowed at clinical in the evening and weekends FYI.

Are there RAD classes on the Newburgh Campus?

No, they are only on the Middletown campus.

When do applications open?

Admissions opens the link in October.

I already have a Bachelor's or Master's degree, will that help with admissions?

Maybe. You may have classes to transfer in towards our degree for points, but extra classes don't count or help.

Only the courses that are part of our degree earn points towards a seat. 

Will SUNY Orange take my transfer credits?

Students can look up their prior school and courses in the database to see if they transfer into our school at Transfer Credit Database

Do we offer Ultrasound/Sonography?

No. This program is to become and entry level Radiologic Technologist meaning working with radiation. For accredited Ultrasound schools and types of US visit the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography https://www.ardms.org/

Do I need to complete all the "pre-requisites" in order to apply?

Courses at the bottom of the advising or program resource page are not pre-requisites although people often call them this. Those courses are part of the AAS degree and are taken to earn points towards a seat (i.e. English 1 & 2, Computer Literacy, etc). None of the classes need to be taken to apply, but that also means no points are earned for them.