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Jared Young

Ph.D., English, Oklahoma State University
M.A., Literature, University at Albany
B.S., Art Education/English minor, SUNY New Paltz

Jared Young headshotJared Young is a literary scholar and English Instructor at SUNY Orange. He received his BS from SUNY New Paltz, his MA from the University at Albany, and his PhD in English from Oklahoma State University. His dissertation examines literary representations of war wounds in Second World War fiction by veteran writers and how such representations undermine the cultural myths surrounding soldiers’ bodies that were perpetuated by popular films. He is currently working on two articles. In the first, he explores the racial implications of pain in John Oliver Killens’ war novel, And Then We Heard the Thunder. And in the second, he argues that Katherine Mansfield furthered early modernists’ experimentation with the roman à clef by integrating into her stories coded words and phrases that, when deciphered, reveal the underlying truths about the characters’ queer identities and sexual relationships. Outside of academia, he enjoys running, listening to Bob Dylan, and spending time with his family.

Courses: Freshman English 1, Freshman English 1 Support Module, Freshman English 2, Honors Freshman English 2, Women Writers, Contemporary Novel, African American Literature, Conversations in Literature, 20th C. American War Narratives

Research Interests: 20th C. American Fiction, Modernism, War Fiction, African American Fiction, Disability Studies

Awards/Recognitions: Margaret V. Wilmore Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, Sherwood Fellowship, OSU-FYC Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Pedagogy, Leonard J. Leff Film Studies Award, E.P. Walkiewicz Contemporary Studies Award, Hinkle Travel Grant