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How to Check your Outstanding Requirements

Financial aid packages for current and admitted students can be accessed online through SUNY Orange's Banner Self‐Service system. Your financial aid package can not be finalized until all outstanding requirements are complete.  Failure to complete requirements will result in a delay in awarding, disbursement, or cause a reduction or cancellation to your eligibility.

Follow the steps below to view your financial aid outstanding requirements. 

Students Not Yet Admitted to the College:
You must complete your Admissions Application before gaining access to SUNY Orange Banner Self-Service.  Please contact the Admissions Office at (845) 341-4030 or apply@sunyorange.edu

1. Visit any SUNY Orange webpage and select the MySUNYOrange button"mySUNYOrange" icon on the top of the page to enter the mySUNYOrange student portal. mySUNYOrange

2. Sign-in using your mySUNYOrange student sign-in credentials. You must be admitted to the college to receive these credentials.

mySUNYOrange Sign In

3. Once signed in, the main menu SUNY Orange's portal will be displayed. On the left hand menu, select the "Student Finances" link to enter Student Finances section of the the portal.

Student Finances

4. On the Student Finances Page, on the right hand side of the screen, select "REQUIREMENTS" under Financial Aid Requirements.  You can also review any messages, holds, financial aid status, and academic progress as well.

Financial Aid Requirements

5. Select the "AID YEAR" for which you are attending SUNY Orange and receiving financial aid.
    Be sure to hit "SUBMIT" after you choose the aid year.
    Example:  2022-2023: Summer 2022*, Fall 2022, Winter 2023, Spring 2023, Summer 2023*
                      2021-2022: Summer 2021*, Fall 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022, Summer 2022*

*Summer is considered a cross-over term, so it could either end an academic year or start a new one for financial aid purposes.

Aid Year

6. A list of Unsatisfied and Satisfied requirements will appear on the page. Most unsatisfied requirements are for the entire academic year, but some may be TERM or FUND Specific. 

UNSATISFIED REQUIREMENTS: When a requirement is unsatisfied, it means it is has not been completed by the student or by an adminstrator. Unsatisfied requirements may hold up awarding, disbursement, or may cause a reduction or cancellation of your aid eligibility.  Please note that some requirements are required to be done only once and some yearly.
Unsatisifed Requirements

REQUIREMENT :  Contains the requirement that needs to be completed.  Most requirements have a hyperlink directly to the requirement, the website, or even the MACHForm that needs to completed.

STATUS: This gives you the status of the requirement such as: Required By Student, Incomplete, Satisfied, Verified, Pending, On Hold, In Review with Adminstrator, and more. The status will be updated as documents are received, reviewed, and finalized.

AS OF DATE:  This is the status requirement date.  When a status changes, the date will change to the date the requirement was updated.  

FUND:  This is used if a requirement is linked to a specific fund such as a scholarship, or a loan.

TERM: This is used when a requirement is for a specific term, such as Admissions Application, or Registration.   

Please note that if your requirement does not have a TERM OR FUND specific code attached it, it may be a requirement that covers the full aid year your requirement is for (ie:  Direct Loan MPN's and Entrance Counselings are an example).  Also know that if there is a status change, the directions on how to complete the requirement may disappear as well.

SATISFIED REQUIREMENTS: When a requirement is satisfied, this means it has been completed by the student or reviewed by the adminstrator.  Some satisfied requirements will carry over from year to year.  Some requirements may need to submitted yearly. 

Satisfied Requirements

Don't forget to check your Financial Aid award Status. For a step-by-step guide, go here: How to View and Check Your Award Status.

Question regarding financial aid matters should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at finaid@sunyorange.edu or 845-341-4190.