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Financial Aid Requirements


In order to receive Federal Financial Aid, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be admitted into college by supplying valid high-school transcripts or a GED.
  • Be enrolled in a degree program.
  • Take courses that apply to your degree program.
  • Submitted Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) documentation to the Wellness Center.
  • Maintain a good attendance record. Excessive absences may cause reduction or elimination of Financial Aid.
  • Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress: To review visit your Personal Financial Aid Information and select Financial Aid Status. 

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Target Dates

Target dates are not deadlines. Target dates ensure that the financial aid funds you are eligible to receive will be in your account for tuition deferment before the payment-due date. After these target dates, applications for financial aid and loans can still be processed, but you may have to arrange for alternative means of payment, such as using your own funds or participating in the Tuition Payment Plan, until your financial aid processing is completed.

All necessary documents-the Electronic Student Aid Report (which is the answer to the FAFSA), immunization records, declaration of a major, high-school transcripts, admissions applications, etc. need to be on file in the appropriate offices for financial aid processing by the target date.

Also, if you have been selected for verification, you will be asked to submit to the Financial Aid Office your documentation (such as the verification worksheet, use of the Data Retrieval Tool, or an Official IRS Tax Transcript, W-2’s, and information on other untaxed income, etc.) before the target date.

Target Date for Pell Grants

  • Fall Enrollees: July 1st
  • Spring Enrollees: December 1st

Target Date for Direct Loans

  • Fall Enrollees: July 1st
  • Spring Enrollees: December 1st

Target Date for Campus-Based Aid [Including Perkins Loans, Federal Work-Study (FWS), Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)]

  • Fall Enrollees: April 15th

For information on the Payment Plan for the balance of your tuition, visit the Student Accounts office.