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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student’s Responsibilities:

  • To understand the procedures and forms relating to the application for financial aid.
  • To submit forms in a timely fashion, accurately filled out to the best of their ability -- including information on student and family income.
  • When requested, to provide documents to verify family income, family size, and similar matters.
  • To notify the financial aid office of any changes during the year in the financial situation of the parents and/or student (including any scholarships or awards received), so that the student's award may be adjusted.
  • To notify the financial aid office if course load is reduced or increased.
  • To honor all agreements made, including agreements with the college as well as commitments to lending institutions.
  • If receiving federal financial aid, to maintain eligibility by enrollment in an approved program and all courses must apply to the student's degree major.
  • If receiving state aid, to maintain eligibility by pursuing an approved course of study and enrolling in courses within your degree major and progressing toward a degree with satisfactory grades.
  • To reapply for financial aid each year when you file your taxes.
  • Students can only receive grants, loans and work study at one college. This is known as the Home School. Students taking Distance Education courses must complete Consortium Agreements at the Home School.
  • Begin attendance in enough classes each semester to earn financial aid. Failure to begin attendance in all classes registered may result in adjustment of your financial aid awards.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • If you withdraw from one or all of your courses, your financial aid may need to be recalculated and you may owe a balance to SUNY Orange.
  • If you borrow Federal Direct Loans, complete Exit Counseling any time you leave SUNY Orange, graduate, or drop below half-time enrollment.
  • Understand the terms of any Federal Direct Loans that you borrow. Your complete Rights & Responsibilities are listed on your Master Promissory Note.

Students Rights:

  • To understand how the financial aid department determines financial need.
  • To know the standards used to judge eligibility for financial aid.
  • To appeal decisions made by the financial aid office.
  • To understand the college’s refund policy.
  • To understand the financial aid department’s Code of Conduct.
  • To choose freely the participating lender from whom he or she wants a student loan
  • To understand which portions of financial aid are loans which must be repaid and what the rate of interest is.
  • To be notified in writing if his or her financial aid is canceled and for what reason.
  • To reapply for financial aid each year.
  • SUNY Orange is committed to preventing fraud associated with the misuse of students' identifying information (identity theft). In compliance with the Federal Trade Commission, as of 11/16/09 we can NO LONGER give out specific information to students over the phone.

    If you have any questions about your financial aid, please check your "Banner account" or stop by the Financial Aid offices at either the Newburgh or Middletown Campus with your photo ID.

    Due to the strict guidelines of this policy, no information can be given to parents unless the student is present with photo ID, or unless there is a signed FERPA agreement at the Registrar's office authorizing Financial Aid to release information to a parent.