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Management Confidential - Leave

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Sick Leave

Management Confidential working under a 12-month contract shall be granted thirteen (13) sick leave days per academic year, cumulative to a maximum of two hundred (200) days.

Sick leave days will be credited on September 1 of each year. A prorated number of sick leave days will be credited to any Management Confidential member employed by the College after September 1st of any year. Unused personal days may be added to the accumulation calculation.

A medical doctor's statement may be required for all absences in excess of three (3) consecutive working days.

Personal Leave

Four (4) days of personal leave per academic year shall be permitted for members of Management Confidential. At the end of the academic year, all unused personal days will be credited to the employees sick leave balance.


Management Confidential shall receive twenty-one (21) working days of vacation. A working day is defined as any weekday that the College is open for regular business.

In addition, Management Confidential on a twelve-month contract shall also enjoy the usual academic vacations as described in the College Bulletin at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.

Managment Confidential may carry over a maximum of eleven (11) days vacation from year to year, but never to a total of more than thirty-two (32) days at any time.