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Math Clubs at SUNY Orange


SUNY Orange Math Club: Love Math? So do we! Join our Math Club for fun, games, and all things numbers.  This is an opportunity to work alongside peers, using math as a way to bond!  The Middletown Math Club meetings are on Mondays at 2PM in room HA319.  The Middletown Math Club will participated in the NYSMATYC competition, dates are TBD. 

SUNY Orange Math Club

SUNY Orange Math Club aims to bring together a unique group of like-minded students. The club provides math related activities for those involved such as math contest, trips and camaraderie.

Math Club 2022

Faculty Advisors:

  • Ms. Brandee Williams
  • Mr. David Peterson

The SUNY Orange Math Club Officers

  • President: Mary Jane Moran
  • Vice President: Edward Celiz
  • Treasurer: Jakoi Jamieson
  • Secretary: Jermaic Fuentes


Math Club Field Trip

The 2022-2023 Math Club went on a bowling field trip to start off the Spring 2023 semester with some fun!

Math Club 2023



End of Year Dinner

Math Club

Trip to Six Flags Math Club 2013-2014


Club X³

Club X³'s primary purpose is to promote Mathematical interests among its members and the campus community by discussing Math related topics such as Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus. Moreover, the club hopes to provide its members the opportunity to associate and interact with one another and to instill the desire for self-improvement, scholastic excellence, and lifelong understanding and appreciation of Mathematics.


Club X³ Officers - Not running this semester

  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Treasurer:
  • Secretary:

Club X  Newburgh Club X  Field trip Club X  Field Trip


SUNY Orange Math Club

Food Give-a-ways:


Bake sales:


Math Contests: An opportunity to Show off your Math Skills!!

NYSMATYC Competition - 



Club X³ - not running this semester


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