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Online Math Education Resources

The links below contain resources for teachers and for students. Some are tutorials and some are good research sites. Enjoy!

Following these links will take you out of the SUNY Orange Web site.

AtLast : (Augmenting the Teaching of Linear Algebra Through the use of Software Tools) And the software tool in question is MatLab. A neat place. Precisely what it sounds like. The AtLast Lab Manual works with the downloads from this site. You can request information on ordering the Manual here.

Cut the Knot : A site that bills itself as a collection of Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. In short, lots of fun and well worth the time.

Dave's Math Tables : Much more than what it sounds like, it has very good graphics and some nicely done explanations. Graphics for algebra, trig, and geometry - includes conics. Tables as you expect from the title but lots more as well.

David Joyce's Home Page : A NEW ADDITION - Here is a treat just waiting for exploration. From Millifliori! to Euclid's Elements there is something here to intrigue anyone who enjoys math. Wonderful resources dealing with the history of mathematics. Also features some nice Java applets. Overall the site has a strong geometry slant.

Famous Curves Index : A fine collection of interactive graphs. Links to information on the mathematicians associated with particular graphs as well. Very well done.

Geometry Junkyard : A NEW ADDITION - For all you geometry fans, here it is, just what you've been waiting for! More geometry than you ever expected to find in one place. Have fun digging around, courtesy of David Eppstein.

Guide to Available Mathematical Software : Exactly what it says and nothing else. There is a searchable database that helps you find very specific software solutions. The more languages you can handle the more help this site will be!

History of Mathematics : This one is included because I enjoy the topic!  It is broken down by years as well as an alphabetical search of names. Very easy to find what you are after or just browse around. (This is also the home of the "not to be missed" Famous Curves Index).

M.S.T.E.'s Math Resources : Another good collection of sites, this one also features some excellect lesson plans with a searchable database- a welcome touch. You can also view a complete list of the titles for inspiration if you prefer.  It also has a Calculus and Mathematica section, as well.

Math Archive :This is the site that first started me on my investigation of educational resources on the web and I still think this is one of the best. Well organized and very diverse. Arranged by topic with level of difficulty noted, and many interactive or Java pages. A fun place to spend some very fruitful time.

Mathematica: Wolfram Research's home. What list of sources would be complete without this one? Poke around to find lots of great help if you use the Mathematica software.

Mathematics Quotation Server: Another quotation server, courtesy Furman University.  More good stuff to spark lessons or just give you a moment's thought.

MatLab : A tremendous resource for use with the MatLab software.  User donated m-files for free use and online help, etc., etc.,etc.  Some very high power applications.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Professional resources for math teachers.

Purple Math : This is the site for help with your algebra homework, from Elementary through College level.  Also lots of practical suggestions regarding study habits, homework, etc.