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Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE)

The SUNY Orange Nursing Program provides students each semester with reality based simulated patient care experiences.  The use of clinical simulation in nursing education provides opportunities for students to apply theoretical principles of nursing care in a safe environment

Clinical Simulation:

  • Increases confidence in psychomotor skills and patient interactions
  • Improves clinical problem solving and decision making skills
  • Facilitates application of theory to clinical practice
  • Provides a safe, supportive educational environment
  • Increases patient care safety and risk management
  • Encourages inter-professional teamwork and collaboration
  • Incorporates opportunities for use of patient care technologies and client information systems

Simulation technology was integrated into the nursing curriculum at SUNY Orange in 2004 on the Middletown Campus, with the purchase of one "SimMan" simulator. It has grown to a family of more than 13 high fidelity simulators with a staff of six.

In 2011, through the generosity of The Dyson Foundation and The Kaplan Family Foundation, a state of the art simulation lab was established on the Newburgh campus.  All nursing students at the college receive simulation each semester.

Student feedback regarding clinical simulation experiences:

  • "I absolutely understand and used my assessment skills in sim. I loved it."
  • "It was an experience that helped me understand what can happen in a real life situation. I think sim is a beneficial part of the program."
  • "The simulations really did help me think more critically and look at every aspect when caring for a patient."

Simulation Staff

Ana Guzman MS, RN- Coordinator
David Jiang - Sim Specialist
Suzanne Montgomery RN - Sim Lab Tech
Suzanne Lindau MS, RN - Sim Instructor
Erica Deslandes MA, APRN - Sim Instrutor


Contact information

For more information, please contact Sim Coordinator Ana Guzman at (845) 341-4189. For donations, please contact the SUNY Orange Foundation.