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Multisensory and Skills Laboratories

The Nursing Multisensory and Skills Laboratories at Orange County Community College provides an environment for all nursing department program students to practice and demonstrate nursing skills. Mannequins, models and other equipment provide a non-threatening, hands-on learning environment for skill acquisition. A variety of teaching methods and settings are used to integrate academic and clinical competencies.

The Nursing Multisensory laboratory is where students are introduced to skills, concepts and procedures that they will then take into their clinical settings. These laboratory classes are taught by master's prepared nursing faculty. The Multisensory laboratories are smart classrooms and equipped with smartboards, computer connectivity, LCD projectors and internet access to enhance learning during the laboratory class.

The Skills laboratory is set up for further practice and skill testing. The Skills laboratory is open and equipped for your ongoing nursing proficiency practice needs. You will perform simulated practice until you have mastered the skill/procedure to the point where you can pass a return demonstration and safely perform the skill/procedure. Open Skills laboratory hours are posted and communicated to students during the first week of classes. There is a Nursing Skills Laboratory Coordinator who can assist students with scheduling of skill testing and one on one practice when needed. In addition there are Technical Laboratory Aides who can assist students by providing supplies and answering general questions. Skill testing is performed by the nursing faculty.