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Guidelines for Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses

Transfer from a Practical Nursing Program

Advanced placement into the Second semester through the SUNY Orange Articulation agreement: SUNY Orange has an articulation agreement with OUBOCES and Ulster BOCES School of Practical Nursing. Graduates of this program may transfer into NUR 102 - Nursing II Fundamentals based on the following criteria. Candidates must:

  • Meet the college and nursing program admission criteria (see below).
  • Attain an overall GPA of 85% in the LPN program
  • Graduate within five years of SUNY Orange Nursing Program entry.
  • Submit official LPN program transcript and proof of licensure to admission's department.
  • Successfully complete Nursing Bridge Course (N3029). This one-week course is taken after acceptance into the program and prior to beginning nursing classes, during the Winter recess for Spring entrants or during the Summer recess for Fall entrants. Information regarding the course will be provided once you are accepted to the LPN/RN program.

Advance Placement into the Second Semester through the ATI Fundamentals Examination

Licensed Practical nurses who do not meet the transfer requirements from an articulation agreement may apply for admission to NUR 102 (Nursing 2: Fundamentals). The application will be reviewed when the individual has met the college and nursing program admission criteria and the following has been achieved:

  • successful completion of an accredited and/or state licensed LPN program
  • a minimum score of Level 1 on the ATI Content Mastery Fundamentals exam (score may not be more than 2 years old)

Once you have successfully completed NUR 102 (Fundamentals of Nursing 2) you can then apply for Advanced Standing into the Fourth Semester

Advance Standing into the Fourth Semester

Licensed Practical Nurses who have successfully completed NUR 102 (Nursing 2: Fundamentals) may be considered for advanced standing into NUR 202 (Nursing 4: Physical and Mental Illness) after completing the following requirements:

  • notification of the Nursing Department Chairperson via email of your intention to seek advanced standing to NUR 202 by May 1st for the fall semester or November 1st for the spring semester
  • LPN transcript review demonstrates a minimum of 70 clinical hours in Maternal and Child health nursing
  • A minimum score of Level 1 on each of 2 ATI Content Mastery exams: Maternal-Newborn and Nursing Care of Children
  • Completion of NUR 205 (Pharmacology & the Human Body) with a C or better, and Intro to Psychology

Credit for Nursing I will be granted after successful completion of Nursing II with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Credit for Nursing III will be granted after successful completion of Nursing IV and V with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Minimum passing grade in all core nursing courses is 75. Nursing II & IV are offered in the Spring semester on the Middletown Campus and in the Fall semester on the Newburgh Campus. The availability of seats in these programs is never guaranteed and is at the discretion of the nursing department based on space and clinical placement availability.  


LPN to RN Health Profession Application and (separate from college admission application) and all LPN to RN admission requirements MUST BE COMPLETED by November 1st for admission consideration for the spring semester on the Middletown Campus, and May 1st for admission consideration for the fall semester on the Newburgh Campus. Students who meet all admission requirements, except for Nursing Bridge course, will be contacted regarding dates and times for course enrollment. Acceptance into any nursing course is contingent upon space availability in the course and the qualification of the applicant. Students will be considered for admission into NUR 102- Nursing II: Fundamentals based on the completion of all mandatory eligibility requirements, highest combination of cumulative GPA, admission test score (see below), credits completed towards the program, and seat availability.

Students will be considered for acceptance into the Nursing Program based on the following criteria (students must meet ALL of the requirements below to be considered for admission):

  • Application to Orange County Community College and any other college transcripts on file in the Admissions Office. 
  • Completion of an accredited and/or state registered LPN program.
  • PN Program Transcript (official) and proof of licensure submitted and filed in the admission’s office.
  • Completion of Freshman English I (ENG101) or equivalent.
  • Completion of Elementary Algebra (MAT 101) or equivalent, or placing at MAT 102 or higher on placement test.
  • Completion of Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO111) & Microbiology (MLT 106) or equivalent both with a grade of 2.0 or higher (within 5 years of application deadline).
  • Completion of High School Regents or a college prep Chemistry with a grade of 75 (2.0) or higher; or High School AP Chemistry (score 3, 4 or 5); or college Chemistry course (with lab) with a grade of 2.0 or higher; or a passing grade on the Chemistry I CLEP* examination within 10 years. *(Please note that SUNY Orange does not offer college credit for the Chemistry I CLEP, but the examination can be submitted as evidence of meeting this admission criteria).
  • GPA: students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.75 to apply.
  • Successful Completion of Nursing Bridge Course (N3029) for advanced placement in NUR 102 (information regarding this course will be provided once you are accepted to the LPN/RN program).
  • Completion of the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills test (ATI TEAS) within 2 years of application. Test dates and times are available on the SUNY Orange Testing Center site. The minimum acceptable score for admission consideration is a score of BASIC. A score of PROFICIENT or higher on the TEAS test is recommended. Official test results must be forwarded to the Admissions Office.

Please be advised that certain general education requirements are co-requisites with nursing courses. A&P II must be taken with or prior to Nursing II. Intro to Psychology (Psych 111) and Pharmacology for the Health Professions (NUR 205) must be taken prior to Nursing IV. A valid Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification (CPR) for the Healthcare Provider from The American Heart Association ONLY is required while enrolled in nursing courses and must be valid for 2 years. A physical examination with required immunizations and negative nine-panel drug screening result are to be on file in the College Wellness Center prior to enrollment in Nursing II: Fundamentals (NUR102). All students are required to pass a criminal background check to be enrolled in the nursing program. Information regarding this process will be provided prior to enrollment in NUR 102.

LPN to RN Health Professions Application and all LPN - RN admissions requirements except for completion of  the Nursing Bridge Course must be completed by May 1st  for admission consideration for the fall semester on the Newburgh campus, and by November 1st for the spring semester on the Middletown campus.

Click here for Health Professions application resources

*For an accessible version of this form, please contact admissions at (845) 341-4030.

Seating for advanced standing in the nursing program is limited.

Students must meet all of the above requirements to be considered for admission by the posted deadline dates.

If you have further questions, you may call Admissions at (845) 341-4030; call the Nursing department at (845)-341-4107; or email the Nursing Department Chairperson at patricia.russell@sunyorange.edu.


Many Comprehensive Articulation Agreements have been established with other Colleges and Universities.

AAS Nursing credits will transfer in full or in part to schools with excellent programs in Nursing Education such as: Russell Sage College; Pace University, Mount St. Mary College, and New York University, as well as many online RN-BSN programs. Click Here to view transfer information

As an advocate for higher education, these programs support the departments philosophy that "Nursing is a Life Long Learning Process"; the transfer of credits will allow for an easier transition from the AAS to BS degree.