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Icons in Brightspace

Icons List in Blackboard
Content Icon Name & Description
Content Item Content Item
Embedded content (text or image) that is displayed on the page on which it is created.
Content Folder Content Folder
A folder to organize several content items. Click on Folder title to access content within.
Discussion Board Discussion Board
A link to a Discussion Board. Links can be made to the entire discussion board, which includes all the forums. Or a link can be made to a specific forum of the Discussion Board.
Assignment Icon Assignment
A link to a Bb assignment. An assignment is something that students submit on Blackboard. It gives students a submission textbox, file attachment options, and a Submit button.
Test Icon Test
A link to a deployed test (one which students have access to) in Bb.
Web Link Web Link
A link to an external website (outside of Blackboard).
Course Link Course Link
A link to something else in the course. The icon that gets displayed depends on what the courselink links to, but it will always display a small chainlink in the icon.
Learning Module Learning Module
A collection of content that can be displayed sequentially with a table of contents.
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan
A collection of information linking objectives, activities, and resources.
Group Pages Group Pages
A link to a Group page from which students can access the tools that the instructor has made available to their group.
Survey Icon Survey
A link to a deployed survey (one which students have access to) in Bb.

 Courtesy of SHSU Online