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Working with a Pathway Coach

Coaches NBPathway Coaches offer individualized support through one-on-one meetings with students, as well as group opportunities to connect through workshops, FOCUS groups, career panels, classroom visits, & other fun events.

SUNY Orange offers over 42 degree programs that allow students to enter their desired field or transfer to a four-year university, career certificates, & workforce trainings housed in seven academic communities.

Each coach represents a different academic community that they have specialized, extensive educational & professional experience in. This unique aspect allows our coaches to tailor our support to your personal, professional, and academic goals. 

Scheduling Your Pathway Coach Sessions

Students can work with our Pathway Coaches in drop-in or book on your own sessions during a coach's office hours. All students can schedule their sessions via Orange Connect, your online platform to connect with SUNY Orange resources & services. Our holistic, hybrid support allows students to explore strategies to best support academic, financial, career & personal goals. You can find a Coach at any one of the Center for Student Success locations or online. 

Want to know more about the types of sessions we offer?

What to Expect in Your Coaching Sessions

When working with us, you can always expect your coach will:

  • Be knowledgeable of your SUNY Orange resources to assist in your success.
  • Set goals & clear expectations for your sessions.
  • Explore all educational & career opportunities in your academic community. 
  • Equip you with the confidence & skills to independently accomplish the work on your own.

As a student, we understand the academic commitment you make to SUNY Orange in conjunction with other personal & professional obligaitons. To feel most prepared, comfortable, & confident for your session with a Pathway Coach, please review our PROSPERAR Sessions Tips Sheet (PDF).

We Appreciate Your Feedback!

Our PROSPERAR Team takes pride in amplifying student voices and providing platforms to support thoughtful engagement. Each semester, your Pathway Coach will ask you to submit an anonymous evaluation about your experience. However, we always welcome  your feedback by going to our "How Are We Doing?" survey here. We're #SOgrateful for the opportunity to work with you, & we value your opinion on how we can improve! 

"My Pathway Coach always replies to me in a timely manner. I am able to reach out to them anytime, & they make me feel like a priority. They do a great job!"