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Course Sequences

*Asterisk indicates program-required non-core courses

SUNY Orange Catalog (This link will open a PDF document in a new window. Scroll to the PTA course descriptions.)

Note: Support Module #PTA010 - "Clinical Applications for the PTA" (Scroll to page 208) is a 1 unit course which is intended to provide support for students taking first semester PTA program courses.

Note: Support Module #PTA012 - "Kinesiology Support Module" (Scroll to page 209) is a 1 unit course which is intended to provide support for students taking second semester Kinesiology.

The support module courses listed above are optional and are not applicable to the Associate Degree.

1st Semester (Fall: First Year)

Course # Title Credits
ENG101* Freshman English I 3
BIO111* Anatomy & Physiology I 4
PTA101 PTA I 4
PTA103 Intro to Physical Therapy 2
PTA105 Medical Conditions for the PTA 3

2nd Semester (Spring: First Year)

Course # Title Credits
ENG102* Freshman English II 3
BIO112* Anatomy & Physiology II 4
PTA104 Kinesiology 4
PED 224 Introduction to Exercise Principles 2

3rd Semester (Fall: Second Year)

Course # Title Credits
PSY111* Introduction to Psychology 3
PED202* Basic Exercise Physiology 3
PTA205 Clinical Education I 3
PTA207 Tests & Measurement Skills for the PTA 4

4th Semester (Spring: Second Year)

Course # Title Credits
PSY220* Developmental Psychology 3
PTA206 Clinical Education II 3
PTA208 Contemporary Practice for the PTA 3

SUMMER SESSION 1 (Summer: Second Year)

Course # Title Credits
PTA220 Clinical Education III 3
  Total Program Credits:  66

Students may take non-core courses (except Introduction to Exercise Principles) listed above with an asterisk prior to beginning the PTA courses. Once enrolled in the core PTA courses, students must complete all courses in sequence as courses within each semester relate together and courses build from semester to semester. The summer session between the first and second year can be used to off-load general education courses that are part of the second year, however they must be completed no later than the semester they fall into sequence with the core courses.

Students who elect to take Anatomy & Physiology I and/or II prior to beginning the core PTA courses must complete these within five years of beginning the PTA courses. Courses that are more than five years old but less than ten years old will be accepted, provided that students successfully complete comprehensive exams.

A minimum grade of C (75%) is required in all PTA--- series courses, and a 2.0 GPA is required in Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Basic Exercise Physiology, and Introduction to Exercise Principles for progression in and graduation from the program.

Students will be allowed to participate in May graduation ceremonies provided that they have successfully completed all course and clinical requirements with the exception of course #PTA220. Students will be required to register and pay for the third (last) clinical education course (#PTA220-CE III) which is offered in the summer session. Payment needs to be received by the Student Accounts prior to attending any/all clinical education courses in order to insure activation of liability insurance.