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When a course is closed, if a seat in a section opens, either from students dropping or the capacity being increased, the first student on the Waitlist is offered the seat. When a seat opens a notification email is sent immediately to your SUNY Orange email account notifying you that you may register for the Waitlisted course within a specific time frame.

To register, you must login to the SUNY Orange Portal, Go to Self-Service Banner and select the Student Tab and then Registration.

You must register before the time limit given to you in your notification email expires.

If you don t register by the expiration date/time you will be purged from the Waitlist and the seat will be offered to the next student on the Waitlist. (Please note this is an automatic process, so if you miss the deadline you will have to put yourself back on the Waitlist if there is room in your desired section)

How do I get on the Waitlist?

When you try to register for a closed section via Self-Service Banner, you may have the option to add yourself to the Waitlist (look for the Add to Waitlist prompt when registering). You will only see this if a closed course has the Waitlist option available.

Who can be on the waitlist?

Only Degree-Seeking (Matriculated) students can be on a Waitlist. The Waitlist option is not available to Non-Degree Seeking (Non-Matriculated) students at this time.

Can I Waitlist for multiple sections for the same course?

No. You can only Waitlist for one section of the same course.

Does being on a Waitlist for a closed section guarantee me a seat in that section?

No. You will only be offered a seat if another student drops the course. The only way to guarantee a seat for a course is to register for an open section.

What if I change my mind and want to remove myself from the list?

Go to Self-Service Banner and drop the Waitlisted course the same way you would drop a course you are registered for. You can also come in person to Student Services Central at either campus to remove yourself from the Waitlist.

Are holds, prerequisites, and other registration restrictions, checked before joining a Waitlist?

All registration holds and restrictions are checked prior to allowing a student to join a Waitlist, and again upon registering. The only restriction which is not checked is time conflicts with the understanding that if there is a time-conflict in your schedule you may need to make changes in order to register for the Waitlisted course.

Are Waitlists available for all sections?

No, they are only available for designated course sections.

What are my chances of getting into a class if I am on a Waitlist?

Many times seats do become available in courses that are closed. The best thing you can do is check your SUNY Orange email on a daily basis. If it gets very close to the start of the semester it may be in your best interest to try to register for another section of the course you need that still has seats open or register for a different course you may need.

Should I attend the classes I am Waitlisted for?

No, you may not attend classes that you are Waitlisted for. You may only attend classes that you are officially registered for.

If I no longer want the class I am Waitlisted for does it matter if I stay on the Waitlist?

If you are no longer interested in a class for which you are on a Waitlist, you should drop yourself from the Waitlist. This will free your inbox from unwanted emails and is a courtesy to other students on the Waitlist.

Will SUNY Orange automatically register me for a course if I m notified when a seat opens up?

No, you will not be automatically registered. You must log into the SUNY Orange portal, go to Banner Self-Service and officially change your status from Waitlisted to Registered. If you are not eligible to register online you can come in to Student Services Central at either campus and register in-person.

How often will I be notified of an available seat?

When a seat opens you will only be sent one email to your SUNY Orange email address. You will have a set amount of time which will be indicated in the email. This time varies on where we are in the registration process. If it is very early you may have 72 hours and when it is the week before the semester begins you will only have 24 hours. Pay close attention to your time limit in the email. If you don t register for the course before the time limit expires your Waitlist status will be automatically purged and an email will be immediately sent to the next student on the Waitlist.

What happens if I missed my email and failed to register by my designated deadline?

You will need to add yourself back to the Waitlist; however you will be added to the bottom of the list. When you add yourself to a Waitlist, it is your responsibility to check your SUNY Orange email on a daily basis.

What happens to a Waitlisted course if I get deleted for not paying?

If you are deleted for non-payment, you will lose all registered and Waitlisted courses. Seats opened during the process will be filled with students already on the Waitlists. You will need to register again or add yourself to a Waitlist if the course is closed.

If you are on a Waitlist at the time of a scheduled delete process, you will lose your place on the Waitlist as well because it is assumed you will not be attending SUNY Orange.

What is the total number of students allowed on a Waitlist?

SUNY Orange allows 5 or more students to be on a Waitlist depending on the course.

Can I add myself to more than one Waitlist?

Yes, but only for different courses. You cannot be on multiple Waitlists for different sections of the same course.

Is there an option to Waitlist for a course (ex. ENG 101 or HIS 101) and not just a CRN?

No, you may only Waitlist for individual sections via a CRN.

What is the most important item for students to remember when using the Waitlist feature?

Once you are on a Waitlist the most important thing to remember is check you SUNY Orange email often and make sure if you still want the course to register for it before your time limit expires.