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TRIO's services are intended for first-generation college students, low-income students, or students with a documented disability. Eligible students meeting the aforementioned criteria must also demonstrate a tenacity for success and have an academic need.

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Three TRiO students on a scavanger hunt.Citizen/Permanent Resident

Eligible applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. United States citizens are either born in the U.S. through a parent or parents with U.S. citizenship, or through the process of naturalization.

A permanent resident refers to someone granted approval by the U.S. government to live in the United States indefinitely. Once permanent resident approval has been granted, a green card is issued signifying their status in the United States. Green cards display a photo ID, name, date of birth, country of birth, sex, card expiration, and residency.

Visit USCIS.gov for specific definitions of U.S. citizen, permanent resident, naturalization, and green card.

College Enrollment

In order to be an eligible participant, enrollment into SUNY Orange must be completed. Only after acceptance into the college has been granted by Admissions, can a student be accepted into the TRiO program. Prior to acceptance into SUNY Orange, student can inquire about TRiO services and benefits to determine if the program is a good match.

Transfer Student

Although not required, students planning on transferring to a four- year college or university IMMEDIATELY (that fall) after obtaining an associate’s degree (AA, AS, AAS) from SUNY Orange. We generally recommend sitting down for a career assessment to determine length of study, degrees required, and certification(s)/license(s) needed that can effect degree choice and continuation through transferring.

Academic Need

There are several ways to determine if a student has academic need for TRiO services. Students either placed or currently enrolled in developmental courses such as, Math 010/020, Writing 020/030/040/101-091, or Reading 070/080 can qualify. In addition, other academic qualifiers are having a GED/HSE, failing grades, low gpa, undecided major, and limited English proficiency. It is our goal to identify points of student weakness and strength through intrusive advising methods to overcome barriers impeding academic success.

Participant Eligibility

When it comes to applicant eligibility, applicants can either meet two or three eligibility statuses in any combination, HOWEVER, they must meet at least ONE of the criteria below.

  • You are a first-generation college student (neither parent has earned a bachelor's degree or higher by the students 18th birthday).
  • You meet low-income requirements (ed.gov). This is based on TAXABLE income from last year's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return or afinancial aid application form. (Note: If you are receiving a Pell Grant, you may already qualify.)
  • You have a documented disability.

TRiO students on a Transfer tour at CUNY John Jay.