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Currently registered SUNY Orange students can attend events on both campuses. For shuttle schedule click here.

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BOA EGG HUNT happening 3/25-3/27. See clues below or check out our instagram for live updates.

Day 1 Clues (each clue is a different egg):

  • This egg likes them in a house.
  • This egg will have you psyched out.
  • All the smart eggs crack numbers here.
  • This egg is trying to find it's mom
  • Slytherin to an event. (NWB)
  • This egg isn't wet but it is in a pool. (NWB)

Day 2 Clues

  • It's about time you found me
  • Held captive by the one who holds all of the control
  • Without this man, there would be no Timothy Chalemet in sand
  • Study all the way down (NWB)
  • Binary Numbers (NWB)

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