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Center for Student Involvement / College Association Financial FAQ

How do I obtain money from my club's budget?

The club purchase request form may be used to request a check for a vendor, a cash advance for the club, or a request to use a club credit card for online purchases. CSI will obtain advisor approval and be in touch regarding your request.

How do I reserve a room for my club?

Clubs may reserve a room at minimum 2 weeks in advance of an event or club meeting through the Club Room Request Form. CSI staff will review your request and submit it to the Central Scheduling Office. For events, club advisors must complete the Event Oversight Agreement in order for a room to be reserved.

How do I submit my club's budget?

Club members can review the budget request tutorial for information on how to submit your club budget. Check your club email for a timeline and important due dates.

How far in advance do I need to submit my purchase request?

  • Purchase requests under $500 must be submitted a minimum of 3-5 business days in advance of when money is needed
  • Purchase requests over $500 must be submitted a minimum of 7 business days in advance of when the money is needed as they also require AVP signature

As a new club that started after the deadline for budget requests, how can I obtain funds for my club?

New clubs that receive recognition are allotted a predetermined budget from the student activity fee. New clubs may request more money throughout the semester and Senate will attempt to assist based on available funds. For questions about how much money new clubs are allotted for your current semester, see the Center for Student Involvement.

Can I be reimbursed for purchases I make?

Students and club advisors are strongly discouraged from using personal funds to make college/club related purchases. If a reimbursement is being requested, it should be submitted as a voucher made out to the individual being reimbursed and must have all original receipts attached (copies of receipts will not be accepted). The college cannot reimburse for any sales tax. The College Association is tax exempt in New York State and a tax exempt certificate can be obtained from the Center for Student Involvement prior to any purchase being made.

Can I get a cash advance for an event or trip?

Cash advances are available for approved purchases in which a check cannot be used and/or online purchase with a credit card is not available. Cash advances may be requested by filling out a purchase request made out to the club advisor. Cash advances cannot be made out to students. A check will be made out to the advisor for the amount requested.
The club must return any unused funds and original receipts for all expenditures within five business days following the event/trip for which the advance was requested. Cash advance requests may not exceed $1000. Failure to follow these procedures may result in the denial of future advance requests as well as other appropriate penalties.

How can I fundraise money for my club?

All fundraisers MUST be approved by the Center for Student Involvement. Clubs may submit a fundraising request via this form. Clubs may face sanctions for holding unapproved fundraisers. All clubs have the ability to do fundraising to supplement what the Student Senate can provide.  There are many types of fundraising activities available and clubs are encouraged to be creative and try new and different projects. Fifty-fifty raffles and bake sales are NOT permitted, but there are many other options available.  Clubs looking to do fundraising must speak with the Center for Student Involvement staff before arrangements are made and the event is held to make sure the planned event meets all College and legal guidelines. CSI can also offer a number of resources and ideas for fundraising events and can even do a fundraising workshop for your club.  Any funds collected through fundraising efforts must be brought to the Center for Student Involvement for deposit in the College Association where all your fundraising money is held and accounted for.

How do I purchase beverages for an event?

All beverage purchases are to be Pepsi products only. If the food vendor that you are using does not provide Pepsi products, contact Kathy Goulden at 845-562-5400 ext. 410 or at kathygoulden@pepsihv.com to place a beverage order. Pepsi products may also be purchased from Shop Rite.

How do I reserve a hotel room?

A Purchase Request needs to be submitted complete with approved Travel Authorization Form, and must include the hotel name, address, dates for check in and check out, and any other supporting documentation related to the purpose of stay. The credit card will be used to hold the room(s), but the club must verify with the hotel that they will accept a college check.

CSI will make the reservation and forward any e-mail confirmation to the club advisor who will be travelling with the club. The club is then responsible to submit a voucher for final payment to the hotel. Most hotels require that any check be received two weeks prior to check-in. Please make sure to allow enough time for a voucher to be approved, processed and mailed to the hotel.

How do I reserve a rental vehicle?

The College has an account with Enterprise. Please call 845-374-5010 for New Hampton, or 845-562-3311 for Newburgh Enterprise locations. Make sure the reservation is made under the Student Activities Account.

Do not use your personal credit card.

When the rental vehicle is returned, it is the responsibility of the club to obtain a final invoice from Enterprise and return it to CSI with a completed voucher in order to process payment.

Check gas level when the vehicle is picked up and remember to refill it to the same level prior to returning the vehicle. If this does not occur, Enterprise charges the college a higher rate to refuel the vehicle. Keep the receipt for reimbursement.

An Important Note regarding Rental Vehicles and Insurance

All vehicles rented through Enterprise for authorized College activities come with Enterprise's insurance coverage for the vehicle. College employees are also covered by the College's policy over and above what is not covered by Enterprise. Students, however, are NOT covered by the College policy and, therefore, any coverage beyond that provided by Enterprise is the responsibility of the student driver's personal insurance and/or the student him/herself.

 How do I reserve a bus?

For trips involving larger groups, clubs have the option of renting a bus. Bus rentals must be done through the Center for Student Involvement. Clubs should remember that bus rentals are expensive (approx. $700-1200 for local day trips) and usually require advance booking of at least a month. A club using a bus for a trip must open the trip to any student on campus and must advertise the trip accordingly. All students must sign-up for bus trips at the Center for Student Involvement (including club members). The club member coordinating the trip should bring the trip information to the Center for Student Involvement as early as possible so the sign-up list can be created. There must be a minimum of thirty people signed up by 2 weeks before the date of the trip or the bus will be canceled.

How do I register for a conference?

Conference Registrations are made by the Center for Student Involvement using the College Credit Card. A Credit Card Purchase Request needs to be submitted complete with an approved Travel Authorization Form, and must include any other supporting documentation related to the Conference. Since some Conference Registrations have unique questions, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a member of the CSI staff to complete the online registration.

Do I need to provide original receipts/invoices when requesting payment to a Vendor?

Yes, original receipts/invoices are required. Copies are not accepted.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Center for Student Involvement.