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Continuing Education

Computed Tomography
(Distance Learning Course)

Start Date: February 10, 2020

Application Deadline: January 27, 2020  (Applications will be accepted beginning December 30, 2019.)

Orientation:  Friday, February 7, 5pm, BT 308

Price: $695.00

The CT Continuing Education Course offers Registered Technologists the opportunity to learn on-line with access 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The course runs for 14 weeks total.  Participants will receive CE certificates for each topic covered.

The course is designed to teach the technologist basic and essential CT information related to patient care and screening, image formation, equipment, protocols, sectional anatomy, and many other topics. Learning materials include videos, power points, notes, discussion questions and other tools. Students also have an instructor available via email and through discussion questions.

The course is approved through by the ASRT for 24.25 CE Credits total.

The course is recognized by the ARRT as meeting the 16 hours of required Structured Education needed to take the Registry Exam. The course is NOT listed to the public on the ARRT directory at this time.

Prospective students will submit a program specific application and must attend an orientation before the course begins to review Blackboard and participation requirements to earn CE credits.




Computed Tomography Online Course and Clinical Component



Accepted students must submit to drug screen / background check in addition to a health physical. Deadline for the health physical to be submitted to the campus Wellness Center will be given at the February 7th Orientation.  Wellness Center hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30am - 4pm.

Students who enroll in this continuing education course receive the benefits of the didactic portion listed above and are assigned a clinical site in order to earn their required exams to be eligible to take the National Boards. Students will be scheduled at least 2 days a week at an affiliated clinical site for up to 4 months in order to complete the needed exams.  There are no CE credits associated with clinical as per ARRT guidelines.

Prospective students will submit a program specific application and must attend an orientation before the course begins to review Blackboard, participation requirements to earn credits, and clinical expectations. 

Prospective students will fill out their available clinical days and times on the application from Monday - Sunday.  For Example: Monday 4-12pm, Thursday 9am-2pm and Sunday 8am - 12pm.  These hours will be used to determine clinical placement based on availability and assignments will be given to approved students.  Students must have at least two days and times listed for availability and while 8-hour days are not required, the more time the better. Students with limited days and times available must also consider the possibility they will have to take vacation time from work to get the required exams within the      4-month period that clinical runs.


*Additional fees apply such as Radiation Monitoring, Background Check & Drug Screening. Some students could pay an additional background check/drug screening fee depending on clinical site regulations.


There is no clinical-only offering.


IV Insertion Training Course for Radiography

Start Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020, , 9:30 am

Application Deadline: Monday, January 20, 2020, 2pm

Price:  $175.00

CE Credits:  3.75 CE credits ASRT approved

Overview: This course is designed for Radiologic Technologists in the Imaging Department who need to start an IV for contrast injection. The course will consist of a didactic portion and skill practice after lecture materials are covered. The lecture will include: patient vital signs, patient screening, selecting a site and IV insertion, New York State Law as it applies to Radiographers, contrast reactions and other topics. The skills portion will include practice on an Advanced IV insertion arm and at least one stick on another classmate.

Important Note: New York State law and application requires a physician sign the technologist's application for certification. There are no physicians employed by the program to sign the application. You should bring this information to your Lead Radiologist or whoever signs IV certification applications in your facility to ensure they will accept the course and approve your application for signature. Each facility is different and might require additional sticks or other activities before they sign, so make sure you ask.

Don't need to be IV certified but looking for credits? Join us anyway as a fun and interactive way to earn CE credits!