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The Writing Consultancy Project

PLEASE NOTE: This page contains outdated information and is currently archived, and not linked to the rest of the English Department Website - CT 5/5/2022


SUNY Orange’s Writing Consultancy Project’s goal is to help students master their occupational and professional writing and promote writing across the curriculum and in the disciplines. Sponsored by the English Department, the project provides writing consultants to specific academic and career programs. The consultant works with the instructor and the students in applying and transferring key writing skills learned in Freshman English 1 to their program-specific and professional writing situations. These consultants teach the students through program-specific Technical Writing Modules, special workshops and individualized conferences. Students are provided a computer-equipped classroom/lab facility, the Technical Writing Lab in BT 260, where much of the individualized instruction takes place. This lab is the site for required course-related work and for drop-in use by students in Writing Consultancy-related courses.

  • In addition, the Writing Consultancy offers  special instructional services to other program and course areas such as Nursing, with its new Nursing and Writing courses, Dental Hygiene, Criminal Justice, and Anatomy and Physiology. The Writing Consultancy also conducts special writing workshops for any instructor and class requesting them.

A nationally recognized, award-winning interdisciplinary program, the Writing Consultancy Project was selected as an Outstanding College Occupational Education Program in New York State. It is also featured in the Jossey-Bass publication, Writing Across the Curriculum in Two Year College Vocational/Career Programs: New Directions for Community Colleges.

Location: Middletown, Bio-Tech Room 260.