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Please Note: The goal of this conference is to foster intellectual/academic curiosity and scholarly research. It is not a contest. We hope that the feedback you give to the student will enable him/her to improve his/her paper/poster/project in consultation with his/her mentor. If the student submitted the actual assignment that resulted in the research paper/poster/project, then that assignment will also be sent to the reader.


1. The paper should represent research and analysis that incorporates scholarly sources. The paper should reflect the results of research, critical thought, and a clear perspective.


2. The writing style and documentation of references should be consistent with a standard form of documentation (for instance, MLA, APA or Chicago style). (Remember that the papers were written for freshman- and sophomore-level courses and many were written for composition classes.) What is important is that the documentation be internally consistent.


3. Read and evaluate the paper for its overall quality using the rubric provided. Also, feel free to mark within the paper using a different color or using the “Comment” feature in Microsoft Word. If possible, make specific and constructive comments/suggestions that will encourage the student to revise/improve the paper/poster/project.

In evaluating the paper, consider the following:

Quality of research:

  • Quality of data, methods, or sources
  • Quality of argument
  • Engagement with and understanding of sources

Quality of written work:

  • Organization
  • Clarity
  • Documentation

In evaluating a poster abstract, consider the following:

Quality of research:

  • Quality of data and sources

In evaluating a creative project abstract, consider the following:

  • Originality
  • Integrity of purpose
    (Does the creative project represent an understanding of the research?)

4. The rubric and any comments noted on the original document must be returned to Michele Iannuzzi Sucich at Michele.IannuzziSucich@sunyorange.edu by February 7th.