Facebook Ad Pixel Instructions for Day of the Program, Sojourner Truth Awards - SUNY Orange

Information regarding your Award


  • Your teacher, guidance counselor, or other school personnel has selected you to receive a Sojourner Truth Award.
  • Once all nominations have been submitted by the February 2, 2024 deadline, congratulatory letters will be mailed to each student identifying the category under which you were nominated along with comments written by the individual teachers who selected you for the award.
  • If you plan on participating in the ceremony you must complete the Electronic Response Card form using this link: STAP Electronic Response
  • If you plan on attending the ceremony, you will be awarded a medal.  Those who do not plan to attend your medal will be mailed to your school and will be delivered to you by school personnel.
  • All Certificates of Recognition will be mailed to your school to be distributed by school personnel



District superintendents received information via email regarding the selection process and the number of students each district is allowed to nominate for the award.  They can share the information with the individual schools in their district.

School Personnel

School personnel from each district received instructions and information via email regarding the nomination process.  They have been asked to submit one nomination for each qualifying student no later than February 2, 2024..  Any questions regarding the process can be directed to Dolores Jones via email:  dolores.jones@sunyorange.edu