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SUNY Transfer

The State University of New York (SUNY) was founded at Potsdam, New York in 1816. Years later, the Morrill Act of 1862 led to the creation of four Ivy League land-grant SUNY colleges, which now currently exist at Cornell University. SUNY was officially established in February 1948 when New York became the 48th state, of the then 48 states, to create a state university system. SUNY initially represented a consolidation of 29 unaffiliated institutions, including 11 teachers colleges. All of these colleges, with their unique histories and backgrounds, united for a common goal: To serve New York State. Since 1948 SUNY has grown to include 64 individual colleges and universities that were either formerly independent institutions or directly founded by the State University of New York.

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Transfer Process

Online Application

Transcripts (only for students who have graduated or are in the semester where they anticipate graduation):

SUNY Application Services will upload your transcript and send it to the colleges you apply to. This process will save you money since you only have to request one transcript. To take advantage of this opportunity when applying to a 4-year SUNY, you have to meet the following conditions:

  1. You have to use the SUNY Application, not the Common Application.
  2. The transcript needs to be mailed to the following address (they do not accept PDFs or scanned copies):
  • Application Services Center
    The State University of New York
    P.O. Box 22007
    Albany, New York 12201-2007

Course Planning

SUNY Transfer Paths

SUNY has created Transfer Paths that summarize the common lower division requirements shared by all SUNY campuses for similar majors within most disciplines. If you want to prepare for as many SUNY campuses as possible, the SUNY Transfer Paths will help you identify core coursework that will prepare you for multiple SUNY campuses

Financial Planning

  • Smart Track - Financial Aid Transparency Program. Provides information and resources to help student and families better plan for the cost of attending college. Provides comprehensive tools to aid in making informed decisions.

Online Opportunities

  • Open SUNY - Open SUNY is a SUNY-wide collaboration that opens the door to world-class online-enabled learning opportunities. Open SUNY is not a new program or a new school; it's a seamless way for you to access the courses, degree, professors, and rich academics of all 64 SUNY campuses flexibility - where and whenever you want.

SUNY Transfer Guarantee

The Transfer Guarantee Program was established on November 29, 1972 by the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York for the purpose of better serving students who choose to begin their college education at a two-year State University of New York or City University of New York campus. The goal of the Transfer Guarantee Program is to provide the applicant an opportunity to continue full-time study at a four-year University college when transferring directly from a University or City University two-year college with an Associate in Arts (A. A.) or an Associate in Science (A. S.) degree.